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Why you should not feel ashamed to move back home

As someone who is moving back home next year to finish the second year of my masters remotely, I thought…

As someone who is moving back home next year to finish the second year of my masters remotely, I thought I would share why I am not ashamed of this decision, despite some comments made by others.

Saving money

The main benefit I shall gain from moving home is saving money, I am looking forward to not having the financial burdens of the rent of my current private accommodation.

As a student with a part-time job, making ends meet has been difficult at times, therefore I am looking forward to having the opportunity to start saving my income to put towards my saving goals.

Reconnecting with old friends

I am excited to move back home and be able to spend more time with friends who live in my hometown as I have not been able to see them as regularly during term time!

Over the last few years, myself and my old friends have not been able to meet as often as we would like, for instance, some of my friends I have only managed to see over the odd Christmas or Easter break.

Taking pressure off

I have decided to move home to allow me to focus on finishing the 100 hours of my counselling placement, my thesis, and my part-time job in my hometown.

I feel by living at home this will alleviate the pressures to work more hours to pay the bills of private accommodation because I will be able to focus more on my education, which is most important to me.

Appreciating what I have

I am very fortunate that I have a loving and supportive family who I am looking forward to living with again.

This means I am not seeing moving home as a step backwards, but instead, an opportunity not everybody is fortunate enough to have!

I am looking forward to using this time to figure out my next steps once I hopefully become a fully qualified counsellor and gain my master’s degree!

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