Why Lincolnshire Is A Great Summer County

Lincolnshire is a large county that spans almost 7,000km2, but how much of it have you explored during your time…

Lincolnshire is a large county that spans almost 7,000 km2, but how much of it have you explored during your time here? If you’re staying here over the summer, now is the best time to see exactly what Lincolnshire has to offer.


Lincolnshire has a long stretch of coastline along the east of the county, housing the notorious Skegness. Besides the lovingly nicknamed Skegvegas, there are other beaches you can visit all with different attractions.


Mablethorpe is one of my favourites that I used to visit as a kid, it was always less busy than Skegness (partially due to the lack of seaside rides), but the coastline is amazing and there are plenty of places to set up a blanket and enjoy the weather. If you visit Mablethorpe you’ll find:

Mablethorpe, 2021

Donna Nook

Although technically in North Lincolnshire, Donna Nook is worth a mention if you’re looking to spot some amazing wildlife. It’s known for its large wild seal population that you can see along the coastline, and if you’re lucky you may even see a puffin, as some people have been known to spot them there. Donna Nook is more for a quiet day out than for drinking or enjoying the weather, but it’s definitely worth a look!


No Lincolnshire beach list could be complete without going into detail about Skegness. Love it or hate it, it’s a popular seaside town that attracts a lot of tourists, and there’s definitely a lot you can do there. I personally love Skegness, it’s definitely got its flaws, but I have fond memories of playing crazy golf and enjoying the rickety rides. In Skeggy you can find:

15-year-old me looking so cool at Skegness, 2014

Picnic Locations and Hidden Gems

One of the best things about summer is the amount of BBQ and picnic opportunities there are. We don’t get a lot of them in the UK, so it’s nice to make the most of them. Alongside having picnics, there are many different places that you can go for a day out and get away from the city. You may already know about the usual suspects in Lincoln such as South Park Common, Hartsholme Park, and Whisby Nature Centre, but there are so many more in Lincolnshire that you can visit. For a great excuse for a day out, why not visit:

  • Belton House – You can set up a picnic in the Belton House gardens, or just visit the cafe if you’re wanting to travel light. There’s so much to see while you’re there! Explore the historical manor, or look around the orangery.
  • Bransby Horses – You’ll find Bransby Horses just outside of Lincoln, it’s a beautiful rescue centre for horses and donkeys where they can live a happy life. They have a great cafe, gift shop, and entry is free!
  • Gibraltar Point – This is a great place to go for diverse wildlife and calming countryside. Gibraltar Point has a cafe and visitor centre too, so you can learn more about the area and what it has to offer! They have a bird observatory, walks and trails, and it is home to many different bird species.
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