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Save The Frogs Day

Frogs are so important that there are actually two recognised days dedicated to them. The first is World Frog Day…

Frogs are so important that there are actually two recognised days dedicated to them. The first is World Frog Day which was celebrated on the 20th of March 2023, and the second is Save The Frogs Day which is celebrated on the 28th of April 2023.

Since the conception of Save The Frogs Day, the organisation has held over 1500 educational talks in over 50 countries!

Why are frogs important?

In the UK, frogs and toads are important for controlling the bug populations as they eat a lot of slugs, beetles, snails, and flies. They’re an important factor in our ecosystem to keep it balanced.

Alongside this, frogs are considered a great indicator species, meaning that if they are in trouble or in decline, it’s often due to a larger problem. This is because frogs are so closely connected to many other species by the food web.

Besides their functions, I’m a firm believer that amphibians and other wild creatures do not need to serve a purpose in order to be important and protected. They’re only in danger due to man-made problems, i.e. loss of habitat and climate change, so it should be our responsibility to ensure they can survive and thrive in their natural environment.

What can we do to help?

There are many ways that we can help the local frogs, toads and newts, a lot of which are completely free. Some of the ways you can help frogs and toads will actually help other wildlife too.

Log and rock piles

Creating log and rock piles in your garden or in wooded areas provides places for frogs and toads to live and find cover. You can do this by gathering sticks/twigs/logs from a wooded area and placing them together, and the same goes for rocks and pebbles. If there is a pond nearby, try to position it close but under the cover of trees and bushes.

Toad Patrol

If you’re interested in making an impact on local wildlife and doing something proactive to help, you can become a toad patrol volunteer. There are a few roads around Lincoln which are known to have a lot of toads crossing, and you can volunteer to help the toads cross the road safely. If this is something you’d be interested in, you can find out more about toad patrols in your area and contact organisers here.

Controlling litter

A lot of wildlife struggles due to litter overrunning their natural habitats and spaces, for example, the swan population on the Brayford has decreased drastically due to the pollution in the water. By picking up litter or even just making sure you’re discarding your own litter responsibly, we can help the toads and frogs live safely.

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