Saint George’s Day 2023

Saint George’s Day is on the 23rd April each year to commemorate the Patron Saint of England’s death.  He was…

Saint George’s Day is on the 23rd April each year to commemorate the Patron Saint of England’s death.  He was thought to have died in 303 AD after being tortured and executed in Palestine, this resulted in him becoming a Christian martyr.

History of St George’s Day

The legend says that St George slayed a dragon which was antagonising a local town and he rescued a princess.

The traditional Christian celebration arises from the story that St George conditionally offered to kill the dragon if the town converted to Christianity.

Other people believe St George was someone who lived in Palestine in the third century and followed his father’s path to become a soldier in the Roman army.

It is believed he was executed for following Christianity, he is a also patron saint of Georgia and Moscow.

St George’s Day became a national holiday in England in the early 15th century, however, in the late 18th century the tradition weakened after the union with Scotland.

How to celebrate

Flying the flag

Growing up there has always been England flags displayed in my home and village on St George’s Day, so this is a tradition I have carried forward with me to uni! I will display an England flag in my window.

The England flag is the most visible symbol of the holiday, as the red cross refers to Saint George’s role in the Crusades of the middle ages.

You could display a flag inside your home, put one in your window, or even wear a badge!

Wearing Blue

I plan on wearing blue to continue the tradition as blue was said to be St. George’s favourite colour; therefore, it is now customary to wear blue to events, services and celebrations on the holiday.  

Wear a red rose

My housemates and I plan on buying roses to place in our house to celebrate as a long-standing tradition involves wearing a rose, however this will be our own twist on the tradition!

The rose is associated with St. George’s death and has emerged as one of his most recognizable symbols.

A rosebud pin or wearing rose-scented perfume could all be fun alternative ways to show your appreciation for this day!

Organise a big dinner

Feasts and banquets are how Saints’ Days have traditionally been celebrated.

My housemates and I will be planning either a home-cooked meal or going out to eat somewhere to celebrate!

Joint home-cooked meals are a nice way of all chipping in to produce a nice meal and dining together to give the university a homey feel, or going out to eat, perhaps somewhere along the Brayford is also a nice treat!

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