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How to celebrate Mother’s Day from afar

This year Mother’s Day is on Sunday 19th March! Here are some ways to still celebrate it if you will…

This year Mother’s Day is on Sunday 19th March! Here are some ways to still celebrate it if you will be spending this time long-distance.

What is Mother’s Day?

It is an occasion that is celebrated in order to express the respect, love, and honour towards mothers in our society.

The day acknowledges the efforts and contributions of mothers.

Below are many ways in which you could still celebrate and show your appreciation despite the distance!

Sending a gift through the post

You could use the postal service to make sure your mum still gets a gift from you despite being afar!

There are lots of websites that allow you to send gifts online, these could include flowers, chocolates and sweet treats, or alcohol.

Host an online Brunch

Even if you cannot physically spend the day together, you can do it virtually!

You could both choose to either Zoom, Skype, or Facetime to spend the day together, through a meal or another activity, and show your appreciation to your mother, nan, or grandmother.

Put together a care package

You could send a care package of the things your mum loves to make her feel appreciated and special.

This could include things such as: chocolate, a box of tea, a new book, or a candle.

Sentimental items could add that final personal touch, this could be as simple as a framed family photo!

Gift her a subscription

You could choose something your mum loves and will make her smile each month.

This could be something like a meal kit, alcohol, or a sweet treat.

This gift is great as your mum will think of you and your gift each time the subscription arrives!

Write a heartfelt letter

This inexpensive gift idea will allow you some time to reflect and share some special memories you have had with your mum.

Your letter could let her know how much you value your time together in a very personal way.

Make a photo book

You could create a book filled with photos of you and your mum throughout the years.

You could do this online, or you could print them off inexpensively and create a homemade version, for that added personal touch!

How will I be celebrating Mother’s Day from afar?

Last year, my family had lots of special events such as a family wedding, a graduation, and three babies born! Therefore, there were lots of special memories shared which I am hoping to compile together into a photobook for my mum this mothers day! I will be using an online service to have this delivered to her house.

I am also planning on using the small business website Etsy to buy my mum a new make up bag, a gift she has expressed she would love. Etsy is a great website whereby you support small businesses and can get your purchases personalised! Most shops on Etsy allow you to add a gift message for free, so I am going to add a gift message for my mum when she receives her gift she will know it is from me when she receives her present through the post!

My mum is not the most tech-savvy person, therefore instead of Zoom we will chat over the phone. However, in the case of distanced celebrations – it is definitely the thought that counts! I am looking forward to catching up with my mum and letting her know how much I appreciate her!

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