New Years Resolutions As a Third Year

Growing up, the idea of setting a New Years Resolution seemed pointless. I used to see many of my family and friends decide to set unrealistic goals, get two weeks into the New Year, and give up, saying “I’ll try again next year.” However, as I have gotten older, my cynical view on resolutions has shifted. This year is a HUGE year for me, and many other third-year students – this is the year I’ve been scribbling down on student finance applications, looking at enrolment forms, and dreaming about 2022 — the year I graduate.

So, with that in mind, I decided I wanted to set some New Years Resolutions. These are goals that will help me achieve what I want before I graduate and make the most out of the final few months of university! They will also help me set myself in good stead for after graduation and starting my career! Third Years, if you’re struggling to come up with goals, some of these ideas may help you think of some to help you out.

Start Going to the Gym

So, I know everyone says it, but I have been paying for an unused gym membership for a while – I hadn’t been in Lincoln since June, and have not used PureGym since returning in September! When I did go to the gym, it would motivate me to come home and do work, and well, it would get me out and exercising and away from my screen for an hour! It benefits my mental and physical health, and if I can be in a good place for exam season, I will see better results!

Save Money

I am a spender. I used to be SO good at saving, but for some reason, I have changed my tune. I have been terrible at budgeting while at university, have scraped the barrel for my rent, and just about made it to Christmas. In third year, the painful student debt is starting to matter. With only six (ish) months left of university before I want to move out, a budget and better spending habits would benefit me greatly! When I graduate, I want to move to Manchester to complete the next part of my academic study and start my career as a lawyer – the more I save now, the sooner I can move there and find my feet.

Graduating with a 2:1 or Higher

In Law, if I obtain a 2:1 or higher, I am more likely to be able to become a lawyer and work in the area of law I wish to. It will make me more employable, and achieve my dream career! This IS doable, and I just need to ensure I keep my focus. I know many third years are also aiming for similar grades, and I want all of you to know that I truly believe in us.

Giving Myself More Self Care and Love

I slacked a lot during lockdown with self care. I know we all did. And I think it’s very easy as a third-year with deadlines left right and centre and the impending graduation to be so focused on all of that, that you forget to take time to practise self care. It comes back to the idea that if I implement good habits into my life now, come exam season they will be second nature, and I will be in a good place mentally and achieve better results. Some examples of self-care might include things as simple as implementing a skincare routine, buying a new shampoo, or getting to bed earlier, but can also include going to the gym, a night a week “off” to watch Netflix, reading a book before bed, eating healthy (but having that one little chocolate or slice of cake), listening to music or a podcast, or whatever else you like to do to feel relaxed. I am also going to show myself love by hyping myself up, reciting positive affirmations and reminding myself that I CAN do this — especially as the pressures of third year start to pile up!

Learning to Drive

So I won’t lie, when I was seventeen learning to drive, I hated it. For some reason, I just wasn’t READY to learn. However, I did my lessons till I went to university, with the full intention of going back to them in the summer, however, Coronavirus hit and we went into lockdown, and all the people who turned seventeen in lockdown started to take the spots and book up driving instructors, and that coupled with my lack of money means that I have not driven since 2019. However, I really want to learn this year. I have booked my theory test, and hopefully saving my money will mean I have enough to book an intensive course and pass this year! Passing my driving test will also help me post-graduation – commuting to work in and around Manchester, going home, being more independent and not having to rely on my boyfriend – so I REALLY hope I can pass this year!

How I Plan to Stick to Them

So, how do I plan to ensure that these New Years Resolutions/Goals are maintained, stuck to, and I don’t give up?

  1. Start Small – for example, I will start by ensuring that I go to the gym three times a week, and then I will start to implement different routines into those gym trips – Full body, upper body, lower body, arm day, etc – and I will then start to increase the trips.
  2. Keep them in mind – I have a vision board on Pintrest which I have started to look at every morning and before I go to sleep, and just whenever I feel like it. I talk about them with my close friends, and I look at the list I have created, and keep them constantly in my mind.
  3. Implement them into my routine – This one is fairly self explanatory. I will start to place my goals into my routine – for example, I want to have Sunday as a day of ‘Self Care’ – so face masks, Netflix and reading – and I want to go to the gym at least three times a week, so I will find the times around my timetable that suit me. I will turn each goal into one of my ‘habits’ so that it is almost natural.

Some other realistic resolutions third years might find helpful include:

  • Spending one night a week studying in the library
  • Updating and fixing my CV (Go to your tutor, I fully recommend getting it looked over!)
  • Joining a Society – I FULLY recommend this, even as a third year, it is NOT too late to find something you enjoy.
  • Looking for graduate jobs and making a list of where to apply to
  • Making and using a LinkedIn Profile – get those future connections!

If you’re still stuck, I used my vision board and my ideal image of where I want to be by the END of 2022 — Graduated, living in Manchester, studying for my Legal Practise Course as a paralegal in a law firm, and able to drive – and thought about what I need to START 2022 doing to get there. I also thought about what I had wished I’d done for the first and second years of my degree, stuff I thought I could have changed – like ensuring I gave myself more self care – and implemented it, because it is NOT too late! Your degree is not over yet!

To all my third years, I wish you the very best with your New Years Resolutions and goals — We have GOT this.

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