Long Distance Valentines Date Ideas

Valentine’s is the only public holiday dedicated to celebrating you and your person, heart-shaped things are everywhere and this can…

Valentine’s is the only public holiday dedicated to celebrating you and your person, heart-shaped things are everywhere and this can be bittersweet when you’re having to spend Valentine’s Day apart. Like many relationships at university, distance plays a part and can be extremely hard, especially when everyone around you seems to be together with their other half. However, just because you’re not with your significant other in person, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a cute virtual date and celebrate Valentine’s Day!

One of the most stereotypical dates for Valentine’s Day is to go out to a restaurant for food, since this isn’t possible, a fantastic way to adapt this to a virtual setting is to order food for each other and eat over FaceTime. This could be food from the same restaurant, or simply your partner’s favourite takeaway! You could then eat this at the same time over FaceTime and simulate a cute food date. If you’re feeling rather adventurous though, another idea would be to cook something yourself something over FaceTime, this could be a great activity and something you could both do separately. For example, pick out a recipe you’ve both wanted to try and cook over FaceTime together and then enjoy the meal afterwards. It’s a little different but could serve as a break from your usual FaceTime calls.

Similar to this, if you’re both creative, why not try to make something or try a new hobby together over FaceTime? Paint and sip is a great option if you enjoy having a little drink too! The shop Tiger has some brilliant little crafts for you both to do over FaceTime, for example, you could buy a craft kit or learn a new hobby, like crocheting or knitting. You’ll also then have something to remember your date by and can look back on it when you’re finally together! This is a great idea if you enjoy trying new things together, even if they’re not physically there.

If you’re more competitive, however, playing online games is a great date idea that’ll engage both of you and keep things fun, fresh and exciting. Even if you don’t have a games console, there are plenty of free-to-play online games that’ll make sure you’re still enjoying Valentine’s day together and trying something new that’ll tide you over until your next meeting!

Valentine’s day for some couples can be extremely hard if you’re not with your partner and a great attempt to lessen the feelings of sadness and loneliness would be to send each other a care package, which could include their favourite foods, a small gift and a letter/card. This is a fantastic way to feel close to someone far away and show them how much you know and care about them. Opening it over a FaceTime call is also a great idea since you’ll be able to see their reaction to your gifts and spend time together!

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