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Best of: How to be a good housemate

Nervous about moving into your uni accommodation? Not sure where you stand with your housemates? Fear not! We’ve rounded up some of our best advice on how you can be a good housemate.

“Don’t eat your housemates’ food” Harry, 3rd year Media Studies

This should go without saying. If you haven’t bought it, don’t eat it. Nothing else to add here, just don’t eat or drink anyone else’s things.

“Take responsibility” Becki, 2nd year Comms & PR

Part of being an adult is owning up to your mistakes. Knowing how you have contributed to an argument or conflict is a good way to be able to work on how to move forward. People are more likely to listen to your grievances if you can take responsibility for your own actions and see how you’ve hurt them as well. Living in such close quarters with other people, you need to have a good level of self-awareness.

“Do activities together” Katie, English graduate

If you share some similar interests with your flatmates it might be a good idea to look into sports and societies together, as you may want to sign up to a couple of things together – which will make the experience a lot less daunting! Even if all you can bond over is some of the things you’re worried about, it’s still a great way to establish a relationship with the people you’ll be living with, and consequentially people who will end up being a huge part of your first year.

“Understand that you have annoying habits too” Alistair, Journalism graduate

They might not be so obvious as drinking all the milk or never doing your washing up, but there will be things that annoy your flatmates about you as well. Maybe you’re always the one to remind them of their chores, or maybe you’re noisy when you come in at 3 in the morning! Try to be aware of them and prevent them from becoming an issue.

“If you cook, make sure you clean!” Harry, 3rd year Media Studies

There is nothing worse than coming into the kitchen after a long day at university, ready to cook a nice meal and seeing dirty dishes all over the side and blocking all the hobs. Therefore, it is essential that you clean up after yourself in order to maintain a clean and tidy household. Not only will your housemates be happy with it, it will make your life easier as well.

So there you have it! Moving into a new flat or house share shouldn’t be a stressful ordeal, just make sure you’re a good housemate (aka take out the bins every now and then!)

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