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Alternative Valentines Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming up and sometimes doing the same thing every year can become a bit predictable and boring,…

Valentine’s Day is coming up and sometimes doing the same thing every year can become a bit predictable and boring, so why not switch things up a bit and consider alternative gifts you can give to your Valentine this year? 

A Day Out

Why not consider taking your Valentine on a day out and making memories instead of giving them a physical gift? This can also give you both some quality time to spend together uninterrupted by the usual distractions of life, use it as an excuse to put your phone away for a few hours and just focus on each other. Here are some ideas for days out:

Relax Together

If you and your Valentine are feeling a bit stressed due to coursework, assignments, or exams, why not plan something to help you both relax on Valentine’s day and remove the pressure of the day. You could consider getting some new fluffy blankets and cushions and turning your living room/bedroom into a cosy movie fort for the evening, or if you both like gaming you could take the day to game together (perhaps the new Harry Potter game that just came out?). You could:

  • Have an at-home spa day
  • Spend the day baking together and then watching movies in the evening (with your freshly-baked snacks, of course)
  • Set up your room so that they can relax and play video games

Alternative Gifts

Maybe you’re just looking for gift ideas that aren’t normal, something a little more out there than the usual ‘roses and chocolates’. The great news is there are lots of quirky gift ideas online that you can choose from to surprise your Valentine this year. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Consider looking around With Love From Lincolnshire on Burton Road, as they stock lots of gifts made by local sellers from Lincolnshire, so you’ll also be supporting the local community! When I went there last, I found adorable glass artwork pieces, as well as some button badges, needlefelt woodland animals, and beautiful handmade journals.
  • Have a look through the I Want One Of Those website for many ideas of gifts you probably haven’t thought of
  • Similarly, check out Not On The Highstreet for more personalised gift ideas that you won’t be able to find in town!
  • Finally, have a look at Etsy for unique and handmade gifts from smaller sellers worldwide!
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