Different Types of Learners

Learning can be an extremely tiring process, especially when deadlines are stacking up and the pressure is weighing you down.…

Learning can be an extremely tiring process, especially when deadlines are stacking up and the pressure is weighing you down. Not knowing what type of learner, you are can only add to this issue, causing you to absorb information at a slower pace. There are many different types of learners and it’s important to identify which one you are to save frustration and time when learning new concepts. It could be you’re not understanding simply because you’re trying to learn it in a way not beneficial to you!

The first type of learner is visual. Individuals with a preference for visual learning absorb information best when they can visualise a concept. When content is illustrated as a diagram or chart, they find they can remember information much easier. If you suspect you’re a visual learner, try turning your revision into a mind map or chat!

Auditory learners on the other hand learn best when listening to information rather than reading or seeing it. When studying, these types of learners may find it best to talk about a concept with someone else, finding it easier to recall a conversation rather than words or diagrams. Group sessions work specially well for these types of learners since they allow them to discuss and listen to other people’s ideas. They may also enjoy reading aloud to themselves as it could also help with not only memorising but understanding concepts too. 

Another type of learners is kinaesthetic. This group learns by doing and is very hands on. They may find it difficult to sit for long periods and concentrate without getting fidgety and find learning easiest when participating in activities. One type of activity to do is by matching revision cards with their question and answers. By manually sorting through to find the matching answer and question could be a lot easier than trying to simply recall the information. 

Finally, reading and writing learners are most comfortable when consuming information by reading and rephrasing texts. The traditional learning style of reading and annotating textbooks allows them to absorb information best. Note-taking is a good activity for these types of learners as they perform strongly when they can reference from a text-heavy source. 

Still unsure of which type of learner you are? One of the best ways to find out is to take a free online test. Taking a few different ones will allow you to see which type of learner best suits you, then the next step is to introduce this to your study and reap the benefits! By learning in a way best suited to you, it could relieve stress, since you’re absorbing information quicker and contribute to a boost in your grades!

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