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Christmas Watch Party

There are so many things you can do to get into the festive spirit, such as listening to music, eating…

There are so many things you can do to get into the festive spirit, such as listening to music, eating mince pies, wearing festive jumpers, or just buying all the tinsel you can get your hands on! However, I think one of the best things you can do is have a cozy watch party with as many festive films as possible!

Not only is this something fun to do in person, but if you’re away from your family or friends this Christmas, it’s an easy way to connect! All you need do is set up a Zoom call and utilise the group-watch option of your streaming service of choice. There are many festive options to choose from, but these are some of my personal favourites!


This film at heart is about bringing Christmas joy to someone who has a hatred for all things festive. Primary school teacher Mr. Maddens has to organise the school’s Nativity play with his over-zealous, but very endearing, new substitute Mr. Poppy. To put it simply… things end up getting VERY out of hand with scuffles with their rival school, children on high wires, and a trip to Hollywood. It is a wonderful festive watch!

Nativity 2

This sequel to Nativity follows a new teacher (and expectant father) Mr. Peterson, who comes to fill the vacant teaching post left by Mr. Maddens. Mr. Poppy and the children secretly enter A Song For Christmas, a festive singing competition set to be televised live from Wales. Then, follows a very stressful journey with an amphibious car, a number of unexpected babies, a wonderful array of musical performances, and a really heartwarming emphasis on family resolution and connection – it’s definitely a film to put on your watch list!

Home Alone

When Kevin McCallister is accidentally left at home by his family during the festive season, the young boy finds himself having to protect his home from two burglars (the Wet Bandits) in elaborate and dramatic ways. Amidst the high-jinks, there are also plenty of heartwarming moments, so it’s a perfect film to watch in the evening with your loved ones!

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

This sequel to Home Alone is set in New York, where Kevin McCallister accidentally gets separated from his family at the airport and takes the wrong plane. He finds himself reuniting with the Wet Bandits newly escaped from prison, and once again has to stop their wrongdoings with incredible traps and other ploys. This is just a wonderful sequel and a must watch during Christmas!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This animated classic from Tim Burton shows us what happens when the spooky folk from Halloween Town decides they want to take over Christmas. This is an epic combination of spookiness and festive cheer, and is guaranteed to be a fun, light-hearted watch!

A Christmas Prince

This is the definition of “the festive rom-com” at its finest! Featuring an undercover journalist and a royal prince, a love story is interwoven with concern over true royal lineage. But what’s so great about this film is that it highlights how family isn’t always down to blood, and that the family we choose is just as powerful and full of love. It gets me emotional every time I watch it, so I definitely recommend it!

If none of these especially tickle your fancy then don’t worry! All you need do is search up the term “Christmas” on any streaming or catch-up services, and you will have literally hundreds of festive film options to choose from!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re celebrating the festive season close to or far from your loved ones, a festive watch-party is something that’s so easy to set up and enjoy, and it is something that will truly get that festive spirit going!

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