What I wish I knew as a first year student, as a graduate – facilities

There are a lot of little things that, by knowing them in your first year, can make your life easier. I was unfortunate to have found out many of them in my final year but I wanted to let you know sooner rather than later in the hopes that it helps you out!


Navigate-Me is brilliant! Can’t find your seminar room? Look it up on Navigate-Me. Looking to find a room that you’ve booked? Look it up on Navigate-Me. It can be found on the same page as your timetable at the bottom, and it allows you to search up any room on campus, or even just a building, and gives you a direct route to it.

Printing in The Library

Printing has never been easier. Just head to the library, log in to one of the computers (if you’re in a hurry, use one of the stand-up computers on the ground floor) and print it from there – it will be the only printing option available. Then head over to the standing printers and either tap your student card on the machine, or enter your student email address on the screen. Select the documents you want to print, and it should release them. There is an entire guide on the walls by the printers so keep an eye out for any system updates that might change.

Reserving Books

You may have received a hefty reading list on arrival, and for most cases, every book can be found in the library. As soon as you’ve registered and enrolled in Welcome Week, you’ll be able to access the library both in person and online. Head to the library website and search the book title and author. Here, you can reserve the book and following you’ll receive an email when they’re ready to collect. Head the main library, past the reception guest and turn left at the laptop rental case. Here, reserved books will be on the bookshelf in surname order, and then you can take the books out using the self-serve machines.

Building Access

Another thing I only learnt whilst studying over the summer, is that during off-peak times (so out of hours), you can access your college-specific buildings using your student card to enter. Just tap it on the card reader, and the doors should open. This does however depend on holidays and buildings.

Dyslexia Testing

You can get tested for suspected dyslexia at any time throughout your studies, but obviously the sooner you get it the more support you’ll be able to access. Head to the Wellbeing Centre (next to The Swan) and enquire during one of their drop-ins or alternatively make an appointment. The university will pay for it entirely, and it will open up all access of support if confirmed!

Lincoln Sports Centre

Not only does the Sports Centre have a fantastic gym at a student-friendly price, but you can also hire out courts, the sports hall or the studio without being part of a sport society. You can also rent equipment like squash or badminton rackets for a small fee as well! Just make sure you pre-book and take your student ID.

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