Easy Jet Sale

With the pandemic preventing most of us from exploring the globe the past few years and being constrained to a student budget, the idea of escaping somewhere new can seem impossible. However, airlines constantly have sales where you can bag a deal. This article will focus on easyJet, with its big sale known as the ‘Big Orange Sale’ and pull out the most convenient options!

Going on holiday often has the misconception of being extremely expensive, although it certainly can be, it doesn’t have to be! One of the best ways to ensure a cheap deal is by booking either far in advance, or extremely last minute. Although flights are now released till May 2023, by booking up to that point you’ll still be able to bag a good deal. By merging this with tricks like wearing your luggage, hiding things in a duty free bag and using flexible luggage, you can be sure to avoid added luggage costs and keep prices down even further.

Due to the flexibility of being a student make sure when you’re booking to look at every possible date, particularly avoiding weekends and holidays as they can typically be the most expensive. Staying in a hostel is also a good option or renting with friends mean you can further cut the cost down. Another tip is to look at airport further than your local one, as it is often cheaper to get the train or coach and travel further, although this will take more time.

A few of the best deals I’ve discovered include £136 pp in Krakow, Poland. This includes flights and 3 nights in a 3 star hotel from the 10th of October. However, if you’re fancying a Christmas escape instead, I’ve found a deal for 3 nights in Morocco for only £138 pp with flights included! All of these can be found on the Easy Jet website directly. By also comparing price months I’ve found the cheapest flights to be in January and March, so make sure to keep this in mind when planning your trip date!

It’s always best to keep checking as flight prices change constantly, so make sure to keep looking out for the best deal. The good thing about Easy Jet is that they also include package holiday options, this can be less stressful but isn’t always the cheapest option as places like hostels can be as low as £1o a night!

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