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Tea shops and cafes in Lincoln

Coffee Depot Whether you want to revise, have a catch-up with a friend or just take yourself out to relax…

Coffee Depot

Whether you want to revise, have a catch-up with a friend or just take yourself out to relax after exams, Lincoln is bursting with a range of tea shops and cafes to suit your needs and this article will highlight just a few to do on your bucket list!

Coffee Depot is one of the newest additions to Lincoln, recently celebrating its first anniversary this cute cafe has a range of options; whether you’re needing to be fuelled up with caffeine for a day of revision or simply need a spot to relax and grab a bite to eat. It’s located on Carholme Road making it a prime location if you’re coming off the campus. They offer a huge menu of drinks at reasonable prices which change often, so make sure to grab your favourite again before it’s gone! It’s an independent business which sources its ingredients locally which is always a big win too!

Bells Tea Shop

If you’re in the mood for a sunny walk up to the Cathedral and need a place to rest on the long way up to the top, look no further than Bells tea shop. Located on Steep Hill, Bells is a traditional, family-run English tea shop which also sources local ingredients. Along with their expansive drinks menu (which makes for the perfect hot chocolate break during the busy Christmas markets!), they also do an adorable Afternoon tea which makes for the perfect addition to the historic heart of Lincoln.

Imperial Teas of Lincoln

If you can’t yet enjoy the beautiful, historic city and are still working tirelessly away for deadlines and exams, look no further than Imperial Teas of Lincoln. This shop is located on Steep Hill as well and offers over 400 hand-picked tea & coffee products. This means you can still enjoy a beautifully brewed tea, without worrying about cafe opening times if you’re a night owl studier! Many teas also have helpful benefits. For example, Mint teas help to solve the body and calm the mind. Perfect for this time in the academic year.

Stokes Café

At Stokes Cafe, you can enjoy a coffee freshly roasted within the city. If you’re a fan of history this is the perfect place to go as it is located in a beautiful medieval building on a bridge which goes across the River Witham. However, this isn’t any old bridge, this is the oldest bridge which still has buildings on it in the UK! Located in the centre of the High Street it’s easy to get to and along with a range of tea and coffees they offer a variety of cakes and sandwiches which you can enjoy up the winding staircase in of the medieval nooks and crannies which look out onto the bustling street below. An added bonus if you’re an avid people watcher who loves to just watch the world go by.

Coffee Cats

On the other hand, if you like a bit of entertainment with your tea or coffee and love cats then Coffee Cats is the place for you! Coffee Cats is a cat cafe located at the bottom of Steep Hill. Whilst enjoying some tasty treats you can observe and interact with some cute cats, a fantastic stress reliever. All of the cats can be seen on the website, as well as relaxing in the cafe window!

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