Daisy Made Farm – the best ice cream shop in Lincoln

Located just outside Lincoln city is a little family run farm, just in Skellingthorpe. Home to animals, a crazy golf course, a children’s play area and the infamous home made ice cream it’s renowned for, it’s a place every student must visit before they leave!

The infamous ice cream

Daisy Made Farm is home to dozens of dairy cows, of which get milked daily. From this milk, ice cream is made and the flavours change quite frequently. They often have 12-14 different flavours, including the usual (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) but some are quite unique! When I popped over, I had mixed berries, my mum had tiramisu, and my dad had pear flavoured. They’re also a lot cheaper than you’d expect! Having got ‘child’ sizes for a smaller portion, they also have wafer cones, monkey cones, tubs, waffle cones, and chocolate dipped cones. Prices range from just £1.20 to £4.40 depending on size and scoop numbers.

To see how their ice cream is made, check out this reel:


The animals

There are tonnes of small farm animals for you to be hands on with. You can even purchase feed pellets from a little dispenser (it is cash only for the feed). We interacted with the goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, alpacas and even the little birds in their aviary. To pre-warn you, the goats LOVE as much attention as they can get so make sure you give them some loving!

Two of the *overly* friendly goats

For more information on location and other facilities at the farm, check out their website here or socials (@daisymadefarm)!

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