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Best Coffee Shops To Study In.

As the new year looms why not spice up your next study session with a new environment. Main chain coffee…

As the new year looms why not spice up your next study session with a new environment. Main chain coffee shops can quickly become stale, usually being overpriced and lacking character. This article will highlight some of the best independent coffee shops Lincoln has to offer, as well as bringing attention to some great deals to help save some money.

Opening earlier this year, Coffee Depot is located on Carholme Road, just before the Sainsbury’s. This little gem has an amazingly wide menu of delicious drinks and food, all with 10% student discount! Being only 5 minutes away from campus this is a brilliant place to set up camp whilst you wait for your next lecture. Although quite small, every table has plug socket access and very fast free wifi. They’re also very active on Instagram, regularly highlighting limited menu items and deals, meaning it is a great way to keep costs low whilst also supporting an independent businesses.

Happy Culture Cafe is another business I’d like to highlight, being 100% plant based this is a great option for vegans, vegetarians or just those looking to incorporate more planet friendly meals into their diet. They serve a zero-waste menu with a specific focus on providing a sustainable social impact. As well as a cafe, they’re also a wellbeing hub, aiming to create a safe community space. Their website gives a calendar detailing what’s on, some activities for this month include yoga, meditation and a flower workshop. With their sustainable ethos and strive for community this is a fabulous place to support, as well as allowing students to get involved in the local community.

Waterstones is located on the High Street, near the Waterside shopping centre. Although quite a limited menu, it’s a great place for a quick coffee. They also have plenty of plug sockets and wifi to power your devices, whilst you overlook the bustling high street below. The reason I’m highlighting this cafe is because you’re able to use your Waterstone’s stamp card, which gives 5% off to students and earns a stamp for every £5 spent. With 10 stamps you’ll receive a £10 voucher to spend in store, so is a great choice for you book-lovers out there!

Coffee Cats is the oldest cat cafe in Lincoln and a brilliant place to visit if you’re missing pets from home. Being a family run cafe, home to some gorgeous rescue cats this definitely promises to be a unique experience. The place is set out so the cats can freely interact with customers, or you can just watch them play whilst enjoying a coffee and cake. To avoid disappointment it’s best book. You can also meet the cats before hand on their website!

Costa is another great option to save money, if you download their app you’ll be treated to 50% off your first drink, with regular deals appearing weekly. You’ll earn a stamp for every drink, and even more stamps when your friends download the app too! So it’s fairly easy to receive free drinks and discounts every time you go. Although not an independent business, this is great option for satisfying your coffee cravings on a budget.

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