Best of: Food Shopping

Many students don’t do any food shopping before they come to uni and it can be quite daunting on where to start with it! We’ve combined all our best tips that helped us when we where new to it.

Buying loose fruit and vegetables saves waste and money! – George Denver

“One way to cut back on food waste is choosing to buy foods like vegetables loose, instead of opting for ones that are pre-packaged. This makes sure that you pick up only what you need. This is also more effective when you make a list of things you need beforehand, so that you do not over-buy.”

Grocery stores within walking distance from campus – Contributor

“There are shops like Morrisons, Asda, Aldi and Lidl which sell groceries cheaply. Also, fresh meat and seafood can be bought in the city centre, for example in the Central Market. There are also shops like Poundland that sell all products for £1.”

The freezer is a key item in the kitchen – Sophie Hillman

“Most items can be put in the freezer to prolong shelf life and stop them from being thrown away. If you have excess fruit or vegetables, you can chop and freeze these to stop them going off, and then you have them ready to go for the next time you cook!”

Only bulk buy non-perishable items – George Denver

“Foods like fruit and vegetables will only last a few weeks maximum as opposed to canned or some packaged food. It is helpful to bulk buy things like tinned vegetables, so that when you start to run out of food, you always have something to eat.”

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