Lincolnshire’s only cat cafe – Coffee Cats

My Experience

Coffee cats Lincoln is a popular specialised café experience which focuses on a small cat family who are free to roam the café, guests are invited to interact with the cats using multiple different toys whilst served food and drink. When I visited, the café was located along Silver Street just off of the main high-street however, it has now relocated to the strait leading up Steep Hill. One of the most striking parts of the café was it’s medieval theme which is very fun and really fits in well with the historical tone of the city itself and as a fantasy/historical fiction fan it especially peaked my interest. Me and my partner originally discovered the café whilst on a walk through the city centre and made plans to visit at some point, we eventually got around to it and had a very positive experience and found the workers and of the course the cats extremely accommodating and friendly. We spend just under an hour there and interacted especially well with a cat named Ratatoskr who was incredibly energetic and confident. As somebody who has never owned or often been around cats it was a really cool experience to be able to interact and spend time with the cats and learn how best to play with them. The cats have mostly been re-homed with the help of Mill House Animal Sanctuary from shelters giving them a second chance and considerable care is undergone to ensue that no cats feels unsettled in the café environment, if however they do feel unsettled, they are retired and a search for a new caring home is undertaken.

The Cats


Image taken from @coffeecatslincoln on Instagram

Ethel was originally made a coffee cat in the first lockdown in 2020 due to her and her siblings becoming too much for their mother and being adopted. She is best friends with Alfie and can often be found in the rafters of the café on the rope bridge chilling out.


Image taken from @coffeecatslincoln on Instagram

Frigga and her sister Freya arrived together at the café, she is quite a reserved and conscious cat who enjoys observing her surroundings but also does enjoy attention from people and is willing to play with you.


Image taken from @coffeecatslincoln on Instagram

Ratatoskr was an original coffee cat and has remained part of the family ever since, on my visit she was very playful however she is sometimes shy and likes to have space but will willingly try and get to know you.

Mark Antony

Image taken from @coffeecatslincoln on Instagram

Mark Antony is one of two male cats and loves to play with Alfie, snooze on the rope bridge and play chase.


Image taken from @coffeecatslincoln on Instagram

The second male of the group and a gentle cat who loves sitting on peoples laps and looks after the other cats. He likes playing with Mark Anthony and sitting in his favourite green chair.


Image taken from @coffeecatslincoln on Instagram

Sister to Frigga, Freya is the youngest of the cats and is incredibly friendly and loves greeting guests and playing with her sister . She is named after the Norse god of love after all!


Image taken from @coffeecatslincoln on Instagram

Nicky joined the family in 2020 and has slotted right in as a fun, playful and sometimes sleepy cat, her favourite game is scaring her fellow cat residents by quickly pouncing from underneath a blanket.

I would highly recommend a visit if your a student or are passing through Lincoln, to discover more information check out the Coffee cats Instagram page here @coffeecatslincoln.

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