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Best of: What you can get involved with

There’s many easy things you can do to live more sustainability and help the environment, below we’ve gathered our favourite things to get involved with!

The Students’ Union has a lot of services that students are free to benefit from – Rachel

“The SU offer litter picking services where you and a group of 6 in total can rent litter picking equipment from the SU (in the Cycle Hire centre) for free and start cleaning up the campus and the city! It’s free for all Monday-Friday until 4pm.”

Using window boxes, balconies or gardens to plant up bee-friendly plants is a great way to support the planet – Tash

“Bees, particularly in city areas with little green space, can struggle to find the plants they need or the best variety of plants. Bees can apparently see purple flowers, like lavender, better than others and tube-shaped flower, like foxgloves, honeysuckle, and snapdragons, are favourites for garden bumble bees, so planting up these along with other spring flowers wherever you can will make your space brighter while also supporting natures little gardeners!”

The key way to cut down on meat is swapping some meals each week for veggie alternatives – Sophie

“By slowly introducing more veggies and cutting down on your meat, you can transition yourself into some fully veggie meals. For example, if you normally have two sausages in a meal, have just one and a handful of greens instead. If you love two rashers of bacon on your breakfast sandwich, replace one with sliced tomato. Not only will this reduce the volume of meat you’re eating, but it’s also likely to reduce your weekly food bill and is likely to also improve your overall health.”

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