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Best of: Cooking/Recipes

Most students don’t have much experience with cooking before coming to University so we wanted to offer our best advice!

One struggle all students can share whilst at university is cooking easy, healthy meals every night, especially when a takeaway is so easy to get! – Hannah Courtney

Stir Fry – Hannah

The first recipe is a stir fry! This is such a versatile meal which can be made in bulk to meal-prep whilst still being super easy and quick to create.

  1. Start off by seasoning and cooking your protein any way you like, this could be chicken, beef or a quorn alternative.
  2. Once this is cooked add in your vegetables, although these are readily available pre-made in shops, a cheaper alternative could be to cook and make your own, some vegetables I like to use are beansprouts, cabbage, pepper, onion, mushroom or any vegetables I have to use up in the fridge!
  3. Season and cook until soft.
  4. Next add in noodles and a sauce mix, this can be pre-made or one I like to use is 1tbsp sesame oil, chilli flakes, garlic, 1tbsp oyster sauce, 1tbsp soy sauce and 1tsp brown sugar.

More simple & healthy recipes & Meal ideas for when you’re short on time

Washing up… already? – Marcus

“We all know it’s the worst part of cooking. Washing up can be tedious, especially when there’s lots to wash up! To ease this load, have a hot soapy bowl of water ready for when you finish cooking. That way, you can dump the dirty cutlery and utensils in the sink straight away for them to soak, ready to be washed when you’ve eaten your hard-earned meal!”

Learn from your mistakes – Katharyn

“If you try out a new recipe and it doesn’t go to plan, don’t be disheartened! It takes time to learn how to make something properly, and you’ll know what to do differently next time.”

Cook by sight or follow the instructions? – Marcus

“We’ve all been guilty of skim-reading past the bit of the instructions that says to pre-heat the oven at one point or another, but it’s an important step if you want to cook things properly! Along with pre-heating to the correct temperature, it’s important to keep a timer on when things are in the oven.”

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