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My experience of Dance Free in Nature classes

I love music. And I love nature. Dancing Free in Nature classes sounded amazing. Interesting. Different. And fun.

I found myself in beautiful woods near Lincoln. With a group of friendly people I have never met. The organiser immediately made me feel at ease. She assured me it is a relaxed class. And that I can move as little or as much as I would like to. She explained to me that it is about moving your body to the music. Not about the ability to dance. We all can dance!

First experience of the class was eye opening. It made me realise how my mind is occupied with stressful thoughts. How tense my body is. And how much I need to stretch.

I was trying to get into the music, move and relax. And at first I couldn’t because all those thoughts started to run through my mind. I noticed how much I am worrying about things. To see these thoughts from a different perspective was very relieving. It made me understand how I am putting unnecessarily pressure on myself.

The feeling of letting go arrived as I was getting into the music and moving my body. So refreshing. To finally understand. It doesn’t matter if I do my washing tomorrow. Or if I am going to be late for work. It doesn’t matter if a guy I like ignores me. Or I said something stupid. In fact none of the thoughts matter.

What matters is being in the now. Forgetting about who I am and what is expected of me. I would open my eyes from time to time and see the sun shining through the trees. Beautiful bluebells surrounding me. I started to feel free. And it was there and then that I strongly understood. That is what matters. Everything else will wait. Everything will fall into place. Naturally.

It was a strong realization that most things I worry about, I have no control of. All the worries are pointless. After the dance, we all sat down in a circle, to let the benefits of the dance sink in. I felt so peaceful. So calm. I felt like myself again.

It’s easy to get caught up with work, deadlines and normal stresses of life. They can make us feel overwhelmed. Uneasy. Stressed.

Since the first dance, I attended the class each week. Each time it was different. I was learning more. Discovering more. I started to feel more and more comfortable, confident and relaxed. My self-esteem improved so much. My creativity increased.

I would recommend these classes, something similar or simply dancing to everyone. Sometimes it only takes a little bit of curiosity, courage and getting out of our comfort zones, to make a beautiful change in our lives.

Dance. Be free. Feel the music. Be in nature. Observe your thoughts. Find calmness and be happy!

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