Nature Photography Day – What is the Life Sciences nature photo competition?

June 15th celebrates Nature Photography Day! This day is all about preserving the beauty of nature through a sense and capturing some once in a lifetime moments. This is a brilliant way to love and respect the nature we live alongside, as well as highlight the unseen parts, like those hidden in urban areas. Capturing these events on film mean we can experience them over and over again, and share once in a lifetime moments with the world.

But why is nature photography important? Living in a city it can feel that nature is buried away, but we can see through photos how it continues to thrive alongside us, even in the busiest of areas. Through this we can raise awareness for protecting species and green spaces, illustrating through photos the importance of keeping these areas rich with wildlife, promoting sustainability and conservation.

This day is a perfect excuse to get out and get photographing. This time of year is the perfect weather for spying the baby Brayford cygnets, or watching the orange sunset over West Common. You don’t need any fancy equipment, your phone camera is good enough and you can get some shots that help you remember your time in Lincoln, perfect momentos for your scrapbook. It’s also a great activity to do with friends, make time to go on a walk with your housemates before everyone splits apart for Summer, it’s free and you may discover parts of Lincoln you’ve never seen before. Getting out in nature is also a great way to de-stress after the tough exam period, allowing an escape from a busy time.

But what can you do with the photos? Share them of course! The life sciences photo competition is an annual event held digitally, it aims to highlight the natural beauty of Lincoln within four separate categories, these being:

  1. Wildlife
  2. Lincoln City
  3. Green Space
  4. Eco Restoration

All of these categories cover all the corners and showcase the different aspects of nature, besides the stereotypical animal photos. Showing these through a lens enables not only Lincoln’s hidden gems to be revealed and appreciated, but also for Lincoln’s history to be captured forever, in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Make sure to check out the UOL instagram pages for more information and how to enter!

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