Jubilee Drag Brunch

In June 2022 we have the amazing privilege of celebrating our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, signifying her reaching the 70-year mark of her rule. There will be countless celebratory events going on throughout the country, and indeed the world, and Lincoln is no exception to that! The Lincoln Pride organisation along with The Scene, Lincoln’s LGBTQ+ nightclub, have been awarded £8,550 from the Lincolnshire Arts and Cultural Organisation, as part of the “Let’s Create Jubilee” fund, allowing jubilee celebrations to be put together by so many different communities in our nation.

Thanks to the funding, The Scene and Lincoln Pride are collaborating on three events in total, which will span the Queen’s Jubilee Week as well as the four-day long bank holiday. The first of these events is particularly notable, since it’s going to launch the entire party! On Friday 3rd June there will be a Queen Jubilee Drag Brunch event, hosted at The Scene from 4pm-6pm. With the event being run by the incredible Celine Begone, Ruby Boy and Sperm Donna, the two-hour slot will provide lots of drinks, a scrumptious afternoon tea and an epic drag show on top of that! It’s definitely an event not to be missed! If you want to be a part of it you can click here to purchase an electronic ticket, and if you have any specific dietary requirements just send an e-mail to info@thescenelincoln.com and they’ll make sure you’ll be properly catered for!

If you want to discover more about the drag community in Lincoln and have a look at other events they may be holding, then take a look at The Scene’s official website, where they regularly update what events they plan on hosting in the future. Also, the other two events The Scene and Lincoln Pride are planning to collaborate on include an afternoon Drag Queen participatory workshop, plus an evening of local, national and international Drag Queen performances, the details of which are still forthcoming, but will undoubtedly be released soon! Updates on those events will most likely come through The Scene’s website, so keep checking so you can be the first to get in on these great events!

What’s especially important though, is to note how great it is that Lincoln’s LGBTQ+ community have been given this opportunity to celebrate this historical milestone in their own way. By supporting the drag community, it means more people are encouraged to celebrate and express themselves, because they’ve been so welcomed into this grander event which spans our national community. This is a time to make new connections, to show support for one another, and importantly to come together in acceptance and love! So if you’re stuck on where to go or what to do when it comes to celebrating the Platinum Jubilee to the max, come on down to The Scene and celebrate with the drag community! Everyone is welcome, and no matter your gender or sexuality you will find a safe, kind community waiting to connect with you, and there really is nothing better than that!

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