Vegan Chocolate Easter Alternatives!

Vegan chocolate may first appear boring, hard to find and bland. Especially when up against the comfortable favourites we’ve known since childhood. However, this article aims to prove this isn’t the case! Vegan chocolate can be just as exciting and flavourful and in this article I will show a few of the best vegan chocolate alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth this Easter. From luxurious to student budget friendly there will be something everyone can enjoy this Easter time, whether as a present for yourself or a friend. These aren’t just aimed at vegans either, as many are gluten-free too! Besides it’s always good to make a more sustainable choice and show brands through purchasing that there is a market for a wider selection of vegan options, you might just find your new favourite! 

1. My first recommendation is a little on the pricier side, but they have an incredibly wide selection of flavours and are a great option for a mid-semester treat. Hotel Chocolat host a huge vegan Easter section on their website, with prices starting from £2 for a sweet Easter themed snack or £10 for a standard sized, classic Easter egg. They also have a shop on Lincoln high street so you can save on postage and have a sneaky sample before you buy!

2. My second choice is the Seville Choccy orange egg from Morrisons, rated the best fruity egg in their ‘Free From’ collection by the Independent. It is not only vegan, but gluten, wheat and dairy-free and is available to buy for £6. This is a great alternative since Morrisons is the go-to supermarket for most students due to its location and is fairly priced due to the size and since it also includes truffles. As well as this, they have an entire vegan line available in store if you’re not a fan of chocolate orange that you should definitely check out on your next big shop!

3. Marks and Spencers are offering an Easter bunny vegan gift bag, priced at £40. This includes chocolate eggs, truffles, hot-crossed buns and other tasty snacks totalling 9 altogether. This is a great choice to split between your flat mates so you can try a bit of everything, however they are all available separately too! Their hot-crossed buns are a great choice if you’re not a big chocolate fan but still want to get into the spirit of Easter. Being located on the high street it’s easier than ever to be vegan and not miss out!

4. Tesco have a huge range of flavours in their vegan selection, so they’ll definitely be a flavour you love! With prices compatible with a student budget they host many brands like Divine, Buttermilk, Nkomo and Wicked Kitchen. Bringing all these brands together in one place allows you to pick one to suit your budget and tastebuds! My favourites are the Buttermilk Vegan Salted Caramel Egg at £6 or the Tesco Free From Strawberry Crunch Egg at £4. Because of their wide variety of brands it also means you’ll save on postage since most of them are online-only or exclusive to Tesco!

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