How to stay organised at university.

University can be extremely overwhelming, balancing revision, coursework, lectures, looking after yourself, a social life and maybe even a job! The list can be endless, and this can quickly build up and impact your mental health quite significantly, especially when it comes to exam and coursework deadline season and even more so if you don’t stay organised. This article will share some simple tips with significant effects that can ease your stress and increase productivity.

One of the simplest things to do is to buy a diary, whether that be digital or written, whichever you prefer. Then write everything down you have planned, including any deadlines or social events. It’s important to still plan out things you enjoy as this will increase your productivity, since you’ll visually be able to see the times you’ll be able to relax and therefore make the most of your working hours. Visually seeing your plans may also eliminate stress since you’ll be able to see how long you have to do things and thus plan your time accordingly. For example, if you have an exam in three weeks you can plan out what to revise and when, allowing you to see that you can get it done in the time given.

Another tip to stay organised is to create a to-do list at the start of every day and aim to complete as much as you can on that list, whatever you can’t this can be moved onto the next day. Ticking these off as you go allows you to see and feel good about what you’ve accomplished, even simple things like eating three times a day, doing your washing, or drinking two litres of water can vastly improve your mental health as they add up and allow you to feel accomplished.

Additionally, planning your meals and writing shopping lists can improve your diet, save you money and reduce feelings of stress or anxiety. By starting the week planning out what food you have, what you can make and what you need to buy means you’re making the most of your food, reducing waste. This can also give a reflection of your diet and allow you to see how you can improve it and shop accordingly, whilst also reducing stress around mealtimes and allowing increased productivity in other areas or more time for yourself.

As always it should be addressed that you shouldn’t punish yourself for not completing everything you wanted, it’s okay to slip up, but as long as you keep trying and continue to try your best you’ll start to see a change in your productivity and mental health and see more time given to activities you can enjoy.

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