Computer Care: Looking After Your Hardware

Computers have become a central part of our lives, so we must all make sure we take care of them and keep them running smoothly. In this article, there are several tips to keep your files and devices safe!

Back it Up Back it In

Backing up your files means to save them in a different location, so that if their primary location is lost or broken in some way, you don’t lose those all-important documents. I have found that it’s even better to back up files in two different locations, as USB sticks, flash drives and hard drives can so easily be misplaced or accidentally damaged. It’s also important to not be reliant on an internet connection for your files: don’t just use the cloud!

For example; save the file onto a USB stick, and in the cloud. That way, if either fails, there is a contingency in place!


We all find update notifications irritating. All you want to do is browse YouTube, but your screen is dotted with warnings about system updates and improvements. I was certainly guilty of ignoring these messages, thinking “I’ll update tomorrow!”

Of course, I didn’t update the ‘tomorrow’… or the day after that.

Updates are there to not only improve the speed and quality of your system, but to better its security. Always make sure to install updates!

Battery Care

Most computer batteries are designed to last for around 4 years. They have been known to last longer and shorter than that, but the average is 4 years. This was a surprise to me, as I’ve had the same MacBook for much longer than that!

As a result of this, batteries can sometimes need replacing. Below are four signs of a worn-out battery:

Is it hot in here?

If your system is overheating often, this may be a sign of your battery failing.

Sorry, I fell asleep

If your system shuts down, falls to sleep, or crashes randomly, without warning… you can probably guess something’s wrong with it. This may be the battery misjudging how much charge it has left, so do check the battery (how? We’ll get to that…)

I’m so tired…

If your computer needs charging much more regularly than it used to… this may be the battery failing. On average, if the runtime is down to 25% of what it was when you bought it, that’s the time to check it out.

I’m literally asking for help

This is mainly for Mac owners: If your computer gives you a notification saying ‘service recommended’, it is most likely the battery.

What now?

To replace a battery, it’s possible to do it yourself. If you trust your practical skills to follow a YouTube tutorial on how to replace a battery… go ahead! There’s nothing stopping you.

If you’re not as confident, however, take the computer to the manufacturer, as they will know what to do.

In summary, as computers are such a vital part of many people’s studies, it’s vital to take care of them and keep them in good condition!

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