Finding Work Placements

It can be difficult and intimidating to find work placements, so I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you out!


It’s important to research the type of company you want to work for

Look into:

  • The size and reputation of the company
  • Employee reviews (typically found on Glassdoor)
  • Its balance between work and personal life
  • If work is remote, in person or a mix of the two
  • If the company offers jobs that match your abilities and current passions, but also leave room for professional growth and development


Get in touch with the University’s Careers Service as early as possible, to avoid any delays with the search.

They have connections with employers who offer jobs to students, so they can help point you in the right direction.

Social media

I also recommend attending university career and job fayres as they provide students with the perfect opportunity to talk to employers face to face and gain insight into the work they do and potentially offer.

Social media can also be a great tool in finding work opportunities and networking with other professionals, especially on LinkedIn as that is its intended use.

Other routes

There are helpful other methods such as:

  • Searching for vacancies directly on company websites
  • Looking at job boards such as on LinkedIn and CareerLinc
  • Sending speculative applications to companies you’re interested in

Completing application forms

  • When applying for jobs, be sure you tailor your application form. Whether it is an online form by the company or your CV and cover letter combined to the job’s specifications.
  • This means seeing what the employer wants and demonstrating that you can provide it, but also demonstrating good knowledge of their company and the industry.
  • You should set aside a few hours a day to look for placement positions and apply for them. Applying for too many will stress you and lower the quality of your applications, so it is best to apply for a few and really work on them.

After the applications

  • Many companies receive a lot of job applications, so it will take time before you are reached and get a response – so don’t stress if they don’t respond right away!
  • Make a log of all the applications you’ve completed and any received responses
  • Whilst searching for placement it is likely you will face rejection, but don’t let it define you. Although it will upset you, use the feedback you receive to improve your next application or interview. Remember the next email could be a placement offer!

Good Luck!

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