World Photography Day

With World Photography Day just around the corner (19th August), you may be wondering how you could get out and participate. Lincoln holds many ideal photo locations, all of which can provide you with some great imagery for sharing on the day. Here are some ways you can celebrate photography.


Don’t be scared to get out there

The only way you’re going to get out photographing is by picking up your camera and setting off. If you are not used to photographing in public, it can be a little daunting to be stopped and snapping pictures around other people, but don’t let that put you off

Try something new

Whether you change up your shooting medium from digital to film, or change the subjects you normally shoot from landscapes to people, why not use the day to step out your comfort zones and try something new?

Think about your presentation

Just because you take your photos in a certain frame, doesn’t mean you cant experiment with them back at home. Try using editing software to play around with cropping, angles, or even distortions to add a new edge to the image. On a wider scale, think about how the whole collection can be presented – maybe you could make a collage, cut into different shapes than the usual rectangles of photos


There are many locations around Lincoln that can be great for capturing images, from the more well known locations such as the Cathedral and the Castle, to the lesser explored, such as the path alongside the River Witham. Some ideas of places you could go are:

  • West Common
  • South Common
  • Liquorice Park
  • Hartsholme Park
  • Boultham Park
  • Castle Square
  • Ellis Mill
  • Greetwell Hollow Nature Reserve
  • Doddington Hall (see if you can find the pyramid!)

Even if you have been to any of these locations before, try looking for angles or spots that you wouldn’t normally notice or search for and find a new outlook of the space.

Make sure to share any images you take on the day using the Social Media hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay, or even join the dedicated Facebook group. is even currently accepting submissions for photos to be featured on World Photography Daily, for the world to appreciate! Happy photographing!

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