Things to do in Lincolnshire

Each and every part of the UK has its own beauty and significance. Lincolnshire is famous for its historical reputation and its popular city: Lincoln. Firing Roman memories at every corner, Lincoln may be a small city but it has several visiting elements embedded in it, it is a booming city with a lot of stuff to try.

Lincolnshire amidst history

As some of you know, Lincolnshire is a very old, dynamic place that has undergone several changes and evaluations from the Stone Age, through the Roman age to the modern era; and much evidence of this is reflected throughout the land. Over time Lincoln has become the heart of Lincolnshire. There are several historical structures such as High Bridge, stone bow, Lincoln cathedral, castle, Jew’s house, and so on. Boultham Park, Lincoln Arboretum, Brayford pool, The South commons and Hartsholme Country Park are some picturesque places to visit. All of these elements beautify Lincolnshire and carry a long history. 

Things available to Try and Enjoy

In Lincoln, there are many places to visit that bring you back to nature and promote relaxation within the body.

Wanna watch wildlife? Visit South Common; a large green grass field of common land that lies on the south-eastern boundary of the city being an awesome and natural habitat of a variety of wildlife including horses and birds.

Lincoln Guildhall and Stonebow is definitely a place to have a walkabout. It reminds me of a medieval meeting place of Lincoln City Council and it indicates a stone archway that leads people to the city from the south.

Walking along Lincoln High street is relaxing. It is a long street populated by shops. One can shop for literally anything on the high street and the sights are really attractive and vibrant.

Arboretum Park is a 22-acre spread of public ground where visitors of all ages come and enjoy nature hands-on. This place is great for meeting friends, bringing families and beloved pets. In the centre of the park, there is a stage where sometimes musical shows take place.

If you want to dive into history, search for Jew’s house which is one of the earliest existent townhouses not only in Lincolnshire but also in the UK. This house is associated with the thriving Jewish community in Medival Lincoln. Since about 1973 it has been used as a restaurant and before that, it happened to be an antique shop.

The Castle Wall walk at Lincoln Castle is now in demand after COVID. You can see the whole of Lincoln during a walking tour across the Castle walls. You can experience this for just a few pounds. Ensure you have a booking for that.

During evening hours Lincoln cathedral offers free entry to those who participate in Evensong prayer. I personally recommend this as I find the even song being so heart-racking to join in with. Moreover, after the prayer, you can take a quick tour inside the cathedral.

Lincoln council arrange several seasonal events like the Imp trail, street fair, recreational shows and so on in Summer, pumpkin trail before Winter and during the winter one can also enjoy and take part in various events like city tour, sports and a photography competition organized by the council. So you can find something exciting to do all year round.

You can participate in several volunteering roles often available in Lincoln which gives you networking opportunities and also helps build interpersonal skills.

If you enjoy exercise then the Brayford morning walk is definitely a great fit for you. During morning hours the breeze blows really fresh and fine which can make one’s day!

Last but not least here are some ideas to try a try;.horse riding, Brayford pool boating, cycling around lincoln and climbing all the up through steep hills. Exploring Lincoln has never been so easy. So start exploring …

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