Leftover Recipes

According to recent information over food wastage, every day an average of £1.36 worth of food goes into bin per household which means around 3.6M tons of food is wasted every year which is a huge issue, especially for the British Government as every day around 25,000  people (including children) suffer from hunger. Therefore, it is high time to learn to reuse the leftover foods instead of dumping them in the bin.

I have listed out some recipes here which can be made with leftover foods and of course, it requires little time and garnishments which is great.

Veggie leftovers

In our daily diet, the major portion of left-over food consists of potatoes, and potato is such a versatile ingredient that can be used with almost anything and everything. Below are some easy recipes –

Mash Pakora

This item is easy to make and delicious to taste.

Steps to follow:

  • Separate potatoes from dish and stack in a bowl. After getting all left-over potatoes in a bowl, mash them all together. If the left over is mash itself, put it in a bowl and freeze it for further use.
  • Put some oil to the mash and mix well before reheat.
  • Cut one or two onions into fine pieces and mix with the mash.
  • Now mix some flour along with one or two eggs (you can skip egg if you prefer) then stir the mixture well and leave to rest for few minutes.
  • Make some ball shapes with the mixture with your hands, placing some portion of the mixture and giving pressure in your palm.
  • Put some oil in a pan and wait until it is hot enough. Place the balls (pakoras) into the oil and fry thoroughly.

Here you go. Mash Pakora is ready to be served!!!

Bubble Pie

Steps to follow:

  • You may have heard of Bubble and squeak. Right. Here in this recipe the process is almost similar to that of Bubble and Squeak.
  • Collect all left over vegetables and keep them in a bowl. Next step is to separate the potatoes from the dish. Now, mash the potatoes and keep them in a different pot.
  • Place a small amount of water with butter in a frying pan and wait until it is hot. Place the mashed potato and cook for some time.
  • Place the vegetable pieces in the pan from the bowl and cook the whole mixture well until all the ingredients start to stick together. When all the elements are stuck, put the flame low and toss the whole thing. Cook for few more minutes and it is almost done!
  • Shift the cooked mixture onto a plate. Be careful while shifting as if it does not break the bonding. Garnish it with seasoning and coriander leaves.

Feeling hungry? Crack on the plate !!!

Bread nuggets

 Follow the steps:

  • Here is a brand new recipe with left-over bread. In left-over items bread accommodates itself nicely and that is why this recipe can be a good choice to reuse bread slices.
  • Collect the left over bread slices, place them on a flat plate and cut them into small regular pieces.
  • Take a frying pan and put some sugar in it. Turn on the oven and let it melt down until it becomes brown. When it is so, add a little milk and cream and cook for few seconds more
  • Now it is the time to use the bread pieces. Put the pieces in the hot syrup you just made. Carry on tossing the bread nuggets around so that the syrup gets absorbed nicely.
  • After 2/3 mints there will be nice brown breads nuggets ready to eat. You could serve them as evening snacks

Non-Veg leftovers

Meat and fish are also often leftover. Follow these recipes to convert leftovers into awesome dishes.

Mixed Fried-rice

  • Rice is a universal medium which can accommodate most of the meat and fish items with ease. Separate meat and/or fish pieces from the dish and keep them in a pot.
  • Boil some rice
  • Place cooked rice in a frying pan with the left-overs. Add some butter frm time to time taking care of the rice so that it does not make lumps and the meat becomes softened.
  • After some time the rice will have turned golden and it will create a delicious dish: Mixed Fried Rice.

Noodles with meat/fish

  • Cook noodles the way they are normally cooked.
  • At the final step add the meat or fish pieces to the rice and fry them together in medium flame so that whole mixture gets cooked evenly. Make sure the meat/fish pieces are cut small to get them mixed well.

    It really tastes awesome to have usual noodles with fish or meat.

**To preserve vegetables, potatoes, and mash place them under the ice section in the freezer. Meat and fish should be put in the deep freeze section.

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