Stress around Campus & Solutions

Winter is coming to an end so quickly. Deadlines are approaching slowly. Life is fluctuating but don’t worry! We all are human and this is life.

I know recently most of the students, even the staff members in the university are facing stress in their life. In this article, I will discuss different aspects of stress around the campus, in line with possible Solutions.

Different Aspects of Stress

Academic stress

If you are a student, you must have faced this kind of stress in your journey. We all face it so there is nothing to deeply worry about it. It just needs involvement and then everything starts becoming easy day by day. 

  • Course and Assessments  

To a student, their course matters to a significant extent, and during the course, assignment matters the most. Assignments come with deadlines and this gives rise to stress to a massive amount. Some students are worried about their grades while some are burning night oil to meet their deadlines, course work-related stress is valid though.

  • Deadlines

As I said earlier, deadlines contribute a noticeable amount of stress in student’s life, students need to learn how to face it and deal with stress in a healthy way. Later in this article, I will give a few tips on how to help with this.

  • Internships & Job search

Internship and Job searching is another field of student stress. In recent times the job market is not very flexible and open to its full extent in comparison to the Pre-COVID scenario; students are struggling to get a job or internship in their desired field and expertise which also adds stress.   

Social stress

Some students are not expressive, some are a bit shy, some face cultural shock during University. All these issues act as a hindrance in mixing up with people, giving rise to loneliness and mood swings. The feeling of being alone further turned into homesickness ending up with mental stress and disorder amongst several students and staff.

Financial stress

  • Living in the UK

Living in the UK is not so cheap especially when you are coming from Middle and East Asia. Lincoln is quite cheap though but still, students need to pay a lot of money to live here. This obviously gives rise to stress to some pupils during their time in Lincoln.

  • Course fees

Some of the students are struggling hard to pay for their tuition fees and doing part-time work which means they need to make a daunting and structured balance between their work and study, which sometimes creates significant stress. Check out some tips later in this article that may help you as to this issue. 

  • Job stress

Due to COVID, many organizations and companies have reduced their employee capacity which has become the prior reason behind the shortage of job opportunities. After all, we all want a job at the end of our course but at the moment it is not as easy as it was.

How to Resolve


  • To face academic stress you’ve got to be aware of time management first. Plan your work ahead of the deadline to try and get on top of work.
  • Face-to-face teaching and meeting prof. & peers for discussion is a great way to further your education.
  • Some companies have launched industrial training for students which is a great chance for apprenticeship.


  • Get ready to meet new people and make friends as this is a great way to enjoy your time at university.
  • If you feel ignored or even bullied, contact student support directly and they will help you promptly.
  • SU & LIBS are launching new interactive activities, join in and enjoy your time in Lincoln.
  • Every Monday the University holds up Newsletter in University sites where several social events are being advertised that you may want to take part in.


  • Do you know Lincoln Council provides fund to students who are struggling financially be it food, rent or something else. You can always reach out to them via mail and they will try to help you.
  • University also helps its students providing a significant number of Scholarships and Funding opportunities which you may be granted with. So Look for those and give a try.
  • Our University has flexible Payment scheme which you may be benefited with. There is Advice center in Minerva building which helps students get student-loan as well.

Last but not the least, to be fair, stress is a part of our life that plays a massive role in building our personalities and perception. Always remember: “Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.” – Kahlil Gibran

If you feel as though you are really struggling at university with stress or need some help with topics mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to contact student wellbeing for some help and guidance.

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