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Disabled Students Guide To Uni Part 2: Mobility

Continuing on from my first article giving advice to fellow disabled students, this article will cover all things mobility. Getting around the city, navigating campus, even giving you important info about the university gym.

Getting around campus

When you have any kind of disability the idea of a large campus can be daunting, especially when the layout is a bit complex. There are many ways disabled students can get help with getting around, making sure you can get to where you need to go on time! 

  • Navigate Me – The University of Lincoln has it’s own interactive map which shows you directions around campus, and there’s a disability friendly button which shows you accessible routes 
  • Disabled parking spaces – There are many disabled parking spaces dotted about campus
  • Nearest car parks – If you’re worried about having to walk too far from your car, St Marks car park is approximately a 1 minute walk from the Library! There’s also the high street multi-storey which is closer to the David Chiddick building and the Sarah Swift building.
  • Buses – Stagecoach are the leading bus provider in Lincoln, and they provide megarider tickets to save money! You can find their timetables here.
  • You can reclaim your travel costs through DSA if your disability affects your mobility, speak to student wellbeing about this when starting your application

The University Gym

The University of Lincoln has its own gym with a variety of facilities. There’s a main gym room with weights, various machines, a dance studio, and a boxing studio. There’s also courts outside which you can hire, as well as indoor courts that can also be hired.

They offer great deals on memberships, and until the 31st of September 2022, you can get a termly membership (from Sept 22 – May 23) including classes for only £109!

I currently use the university gym after having a negative experience at another gym in the city. I find the atmosphere welcoming and disability friendly, and all the staff are lovely! I often stop to have a chat with the staff before and after my workouts, and they’re more than willing to offer me help and advice.

The gym is up a flight of stairs, however there is a lift you can use too! Outside the gym there’s 2 disabled parking bays, and many of the regular bays are very close to the entrance too, with adequate spacing between each car. You can purchase bottles of water and sugar free energy drinks from the gym entrance (which is also the university gift shop), and there’s water refill stations outside the gym too. If you need any assistance, don’t be afraid to ask the staff! They’re lovely and will be more than happy to help you.

If you’re recovering from an illness or trying to improve your mobility due to a disability, you can apply for free PT sessions from student wellbeing, these also come with a free gym membership for the duration of your sessions. I used these last year when I was struggling particularly badly, and I had sessions with Tom! He was lovely, kind, and supported me the whole time. I was never made to feel bad for not being able to do something, or missing a session because of my illness.

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