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A guide to Vietnam

This post contains outdated information, for a newer article please read: Travelling Europe while living in Lincoln Tips for travelling…

This post contains outdated information, for a newer article please read:

Travelling Europe while living in Lincoln

Tips for travelling this summer

It’s finally summertime! Many of you will be taking a well deserved break and if you’ve decided to go travelling then check out my preparation tips here.

Right now, I’m in Asia on my summer adventure. My first stop is Vietnam. It’s one of those places that is often chosen by student travellers and I can definitely see why. It’s relatively cheap, beautiful and one hell of a culture shock.

So if you’re thinking of choosing Vietnam as your next destination to cross off the bucket list, here are a few of my top tips:

  • First of all, it is SO hot this time of year. I almost passed out the first day so be prepared. The good news is they sell fans literally everywhere so you can at least look fancy while you’re dripping in sweat!
  • The country is stunningly beautiful. I’ve been to five cities and they are all Instagram-worthy – bring a camera or your phone (As with every city, just be careful with pick-pockets).
  • It seems like there are no traffic laws. Motorbikes are huge here and stepping out into the road is scary but according to our guide, it’s the norm to just walk out and expect them to swerve around you. Expect a lot of beeping!
  • Something worth noting is that the bars close at 11pm and if anyone offers to take you to a bar that’s open later, it’s definitely a scam!
  • An interesting experience is the local food eateries. They are way cheaper than other restaurants and the food is amazing, if a little out there. If you’re vegetarian then I wouldn’t go here as it’s not unusual to be served a whole chicken – beak and all!
  • I would definitely recommend a tour. I chose to go on a group tour with a Vietnamese guide to make sure I saw all of the hidden gems of the country. From my experience so far I’ve figured out which tourist attractions are worth doing and which are overrated. Also, they save you so much money if you break down the costs of travelling the whole country, including an overnight train. 
  • Personally, Hoi An has been the best city so far and if you can only afford one, I would highly suggest it. There are lanterns everywhere  and a huge river running down the middle. A completely different place is Halong Bay, a gorgeous body of water with limestone mountains jutting from the water. 
  • In terms of  historical attractions, I would say that the best ones are the Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City, the Military Museum in Hanoi and the main bridge in Hanoi at nighttime.

Overall, Vietnam is a fascinating country with a very interesting past. A holiday here combines the tropical weather of a beach holiday with stunning scenery and the historical intrigue of a city break. I have loads more tips, so if you’re thinking of going, email and get in touch!😊


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