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This post was written during the pandemic and contains information specific to it. Coming to University is a daunting enough…

This post was written during the pandemic and contains information specific to it.

Coming to University is a daunting enough prospect by itself, but adding this climate of COVID undoubtedly brings a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about how things will be working on campus, and indeed legally across the country. This article will be succinctly outlining the current COVID guidelines in place across the country, as of 14th September 2021 (according to information summarised by the BBC). In addition, I will also be outlining all the preventative measures the University of Lincoln has in place regarding COVID, to keep all of us safe during our studies for the foreseeable.

Current Local Guidance Regarding COVID

Meeting Others:

There are no legal limits on indoor or outdoor social contact and all social distancing rules have been lifted (but you should still be considerate of risks if you are vulnerable or un-vaccinated). Face coverings aren’t mandatory, though some businesses and transport operators request them, and there are no travel restrictions within the UK. In addition, ban on foreign travel has been lifted – if you’ve been fully vaccinated in the UK or are under 18, you don’t need to quarantine after visiting green or amber listed countries.


Working at home is no longer legally required, with employers being permitted to plan a return to workplaces. If your work involves going to other peoples’ homes, i.e. cleaner, tradesman or a childminder, you may do so.

Schools and Nurseries:

In secondary schools and colleges, face coverings are not necessary in classes or communal areas. All remaining university students may attend in-person teaching and learning and should engage in twice-weekly testing.

Leisure time:

Indoor and outdoor leisure facilities are now open. Pubs, cafés, and restaurants can open indoors, serve food and alcohol, plus customers need not be seated. Large events (e.g. concerts and sporting events) can resume with no limits on attendance or social distancing. Nightclubs are open and vaccination or negative test results may be required. Such proof may also be required at other music, festival, business or sporting venues, according to their decision.


All shops are open, including personal care premises like hairdressers, salons, and other close-contact services. People who offer these services in the home may also operate.


There are no restrictions on visits to care homes, or events such as weddings, funerals, bar/bat mitzvahs and baptisms, with no limits on attendee numbers. There are also no limits on singing, dancing, or a requirement for table service. Places of worship are also open.

University of Lincoln’s Preventative Measures Against COVID

When it comes to safety on campus, the University is being very considerate of the climate we are still in and are prioritising safety. If you go to then you’ll find all the information you need. A summary is as follows:

  • Vaccination is strongly encouraged (if you are able), along with continued twice weekly asymptomatic testing, the hands-face-space routine, maintaining the University test and trace system, requested use of PPE, mask or visor wearing (if you are able) for students and staff, along with sanitiser stations being present across campus.
  • In teaching environments, online attendance registers will be in effect, with teaching methods varying course by course. To find out more, talk to your tutors about their intended approaches.
  • Testing is taking place, and shall for the foreseeable future, on campus in Village Hall. There are two options: either a supervised test, or the individual can collect a box of 7 home tests.
  • Prior to returning to University, students have been asked to undertake 2 COVID tests. If they are negative then they should continue to test twice-weekly (3 – 4 days apart) to ensure that they are identified as asymptomatic if they test positive. Should any student or staff member have symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, they must not use the University testing site. They should request a PCR test by dialling 119, or going onto the NHS web site.
  • These tests can be carried out at JBL (Joseph Banks Laboratories) or sent through the post. We recommend using the JBL site, as the result will be known sooner and therefore the isolation period will start earlier. There is a portal page for students and staff to use that has more information on and you can find this by going to

If you have any questions regarding any of these University regulations, feel free to go to the Coronavirus information page or contact those at Student Wellbeing, who will be more than happy to answer any queries and ease any uncertainties you may have. Happy studying!

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