Tips on making a creative portfolio

If you are planning on going into a career with any type of creative aspect having a creative portfolio would be super beneficial in to only showcasing your skills but giving an advantage amongst other applicants. Here are some tips to help in creating yours.

Get it online.

It is best to have your portfolio online even if you are a traditional artist. With everything online, you don’t have to lug around a huge folder of your work to every interview. Having it online also means that you can attach the link to your cv so the interviewer can already see your skills without having to ask.

Plus, it is so easy to do these days. Sites like Squarespace and Wix make it so you do not even need to design the page, just pick a template, input your work and boom! You have a website!

If you are a lot more tech-savvy or that is the field, you are aiming for like myself you could make your own website, or just ask your programmer friend to help (just make sure to pay them in pizza).

Keep it fresh.

Having your new work on your portfolio is the best. This will not only show your best work but also where your skill level is at that moment. You want the company to know exactly what you do. This will also be a way to show your progress, the maximum gap between your latest piece and your oldest on your portfolio should be 3 years and there would definitely be a huge increase in what you can do.

Also making sure that the upload is as high quality as possible. Whether it is making sure that the image is a vector to avoid it pixelating or getting your paintings scanned professionally to maximise the quality being shown.

Be yourself.

Sure, it is easy to copy the style of what others have done for their portfolios and this might help to be able to get understanding on what exactly you need to have, however showing your individuality is just as important. The employer wants to know about YOU, not the person you copied your idea from.

You can do this by switching up the colours to your favourite ones or even the styles of work you show. For example, if you prefer taking pictures of nature, make sure that your page is centred around that, though not forgetting to add some other types to show variety.

There are some tips on how to make and improve your creative portfolio. Just have fun with it and remember that you can change and update it at any time. So, whether you want to be a photographer, filmmaker, web designer etc the first step to showing what you can do. You can do it!

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