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The University of Lincoln: did it meet my expectations?

I am currently studying for postgraduate degree in Analytical Science at the University of Lincoln. Before applying to study here,…

I am currently studying for postgraduate degree in Analytical Science at the University of Lincoln. Before applying to study here, I researched about a lot of universities in UK.

My research was majorly based on my subject of interest; I wanted a university that offered a decent curriculum for analytical science, provided good accommodation facilities, had good opportunities for students, and provided scholarships.

The University of Lincoln offered me a number of reasons to choose it as “The University”. These reasons are as follows:

One of the top ranking institutes

While surfing though the site of the University of Lincoln, I came to know that my course is taught by the University’s School of Chemistry. When I went on their site, I discovered that chemistry at Lincoln is ranked 1st in the UK for overall satisfaction in the National Student Survey 2019 (out of 57 ranking institutions), and is ranked 2nd overall in the UK in The Guardian University Guide 2020 (out of 68 institutions offering the subject). This attracted me more towards Lincoln.

Great curriculum with outstanding faculty and staff

My course’s curriculum offers me a number of opportunities to practically apply my knowledge. It was just right for me. It also included a professional and personal development module which allowed us to develop a range of transferrable skills. Their staff consists of experienced researchers, and as I am very interested in practical research, knowing this made my decision a bit easier.


Lincoln provides great scholarships which are available to apply for on university’s site. It attracted me the most and I also qualified for a scholarship worth £5000, which made my decision to choose Lincoln much easier.


Whenever we move to a new place the first thing we are worried about is the accommodation. Lincoln has both University owned and private accommodation on offer, both within a good price range. These accommodations were safe and affordable which was very reassuring for me.

Student life

Just spending all my time studying was never my plan. I wanted to enjoy my life as student whilst I was in the UK… come on it is a big deal! When I searched Lincoln on Instagram I saw a lot of pictures of the University and it’s just beautiful. Lincoln has a great scenic beauty, and I am a nature lover. Along with the scenic beauty it also has a number of societies that I could join. I came to know about the amazing “night life” in Lincoln through Instagram and Facebook, which reassured me that my weekends were going to be amazing.

These reasons summed up why I decided to choose the University of Lincoln.

Now I am almost at the end of this academic year, I am very happy with my decision. Studying at the University of Lincoln exceeded my expectations. The only thing that turned out to be unexpected was the admission fees of the societies, as I thought that they were free. However, every Thursday these societies conduct free sessions, and it solved all my problems.

Written by Indian student, Smriti Rawat (MSc Analytical Sciences).

Please note: This content was created prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, and some information might differ due to current laws and restrictions. Please refer to Government advice and the University of Lincoln for the latest information.

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