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How to spend your student summer in Lincoln

During the summer months, as students we get a lot of free time and if you’re in Lincoln there are a wide range of ways you can spend this time. Here are a few ways in which you can fill your summer in a fun and eventful way!


Picnics are a great way to get outside into a natural space and enjoy the company of friends and family. There are many great spots for picnics in Lincoln from the West and South commons to the Arboretum and castle grounds. All you need is a picnic blanket and a pack of food and you’re all set, finger food is the best food to take as it’s small and can be easily shared out between everybody. To make it feel even more like your stereotypical picnic maybe take a picnic basket, it’s also crucial that you bring music to set the tone for your picnic, a great summer playlist would be perfect. Lincoln is especially a great place for picnicking because there are so many green spaces which are all different, a favourite is the Arboretum because of the lovely views of the trees you get as well as the shade they provide when it gets perhaps a little too hot!

Charity shopping

Charity shops can be a fun way to spend a day in Lincoln, there are a good selection within the city centre all with different items. It’s always fun to try and find some cool things with friends hopping from one shop to the next. An added bonus is that they are cheap so won’t break the bank, one of my favourites is St. Barnabas which has an eclectic selection of newer and vintage items and is great to rummage around in. Charity shops are also great for books, so if you’re looking for a summer read it’s useful to check the charity shops first. Ask some of your friends if they want to come along, or go alone and take a browse around the charity shops to try and find anything unique or something that is just cool!

Boat tours

Lincoln is a city centred around it’s waterways and what better way to see them than on a boat tour. There are multiple different boat options to choose from but all will take you along the canals and reveal scenic views of the Lincolnshire countryside. This is an opportunity to experience Lincoln from a different perspective, and in the height of summer when wildlife and plant life is at it’s peak you’re sure to get some chances for great photos! Tickets are not overly expensive either, with adult tickets around £10 per person for usually an hour tour. If you are trumped on what to do this summer perhaps this is a good option for a fun and different activity.

Lincoln offers a lot of different things to do as a student, and there are a lot more than what’s on this list. However, hopefully you can find inspiration in theses different suggestions in order to make your student summer a fun one!

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