Best of: Being Independent

Moving away to University is the first time, for many students, when they have to be fully independent and this is a big change that you may not know how to handle, so we wanted to offer our advice.

Going to university requires students to have high levels of independence, not only in studying but also in managing our life. – Lan Chi

“One aspect of being independent that is crucial but particularly challenging to me is establishing and following a daily routine. I used to think that I could only have a productive daily routine and have dedicated time to do things like reading books or completing an online course when I had lots of free time.”

Making friends – Emma Smedley

“Making friends in a whole new environment can be pretty worrying, but there are plenty of opportunities for meeting new people throughout university. Whether it’s during lectures or seminars, social events organised by societies or meeting people on nights out, there’s always the chance to make a new friend!”

Independent learning – Alex Keene

“Of course, it is important not to expect university to simply be exactly the same as sixth form – there are clear and important differences. Most notably, you will need to check for work given to you on blackboard more regularly than perhaps you might; reminders from lecturers will be few and far between.”

Managing money – Emma Smedley

“Finding the cheapest supermarket is one of the most important things, because, at the end of the day, you need to eat! Luckily the closest supermarket to campus is Morrisons, which is super affordable! Once you’ve bought things from the shops, don’t forget to store things so that they last, freezing things like bread and vegetables is a great way to start – you will learn the best methods of buying and storing food as you go along.”

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