Go Global stories: What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Name: Joe
Subject: Drama, School of Fine and Performing Arts
Global Experience: Erasmus+ Study Exchange
Duration: 1 Term (Second Year)
Location: Msida, Malta

Erasmus gave me the confidence and experience to push me towards the career I’ve always wanted. I’m now studying my MA in Acting at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, and I genuinely believe that I wouldn’t have got onto the course without the experience of Erasmus. I’m also living with my partner whom I met whilst on Erasmus, so the program has had a lasting effect on both my professional and personal life!

I still keep in contact with many of my friends from Malta and around the world that I met through Erasmus, and during the pandemic we’ve been able to have video calls with our friends and support each other even though we’re sometimes thousands of miles away.

My life was changed radically by the decision to take part in Erasmus, and I really believe that if I hadn’t made that decision I wouldn’t be on my dream course, training for my dream career, and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to take part in Erasmus.

Name: Jason
Subject: Media Production, School of Film and TV
Global Experience: Erasmus+ Study Exchange
Duration: 1 Term (Second Year)
Location: Minerva Pop Academy, Hanze, Netherlands

The Erasmus+ scheme helped with my confidence, sheer raw determination and on the fly thinking, reacting, and preplanning my next essential moves towards completing my degree at the time. Global Opportunities and the School’s Erasmus Academic Coordinators were wonderful, being there for me each step of the way if any issues arose and even just a simple link back to the UK.

Since graduating in 2018, I have been freelancing in video production/photography, primarily in Lincoln. I have a few regular clients, I am learning a lot and pushing myself in all areas of creativity and running a business! For this last year really has been a true test of resilience and forward thinking in the most troubling of times just to keep food on the plate. Nonetheless, I am keeping a float, still learning and pushing myself to the best of my ability but with social interaction being reduced to a minimum, it truly makes things harder, something I think we all took for granted.

I was fortunate in November to work on the Global Teacher Prize, working with Stephen Fry at the Natural History Museum in London. It was such a rare opportunity to see the building empty of people! This was a great project to work on and to gain some new contacts for future projects. Participating in the Erasmus Exchange taught me to be entrepreneurial. To think on my feet and giving me confidence to pursue opportunities that aren’t always obvious.”

Name: Ondrej
Subject: Psychology, College of Social Sciences
Global Experience: Erasmus+ Study Exchange
Duration: Full Academic Year
Location: University of Padova, Italy

Deciding to spend a year studying at the University of Padua has changed my life; I have had the chance to try out a completely different approach to studying, select modules that are not offered by the University of Lincoln (including postgraduate modules), and, perhaps most importantly, live in a different culture and meet new and amazing people from all around the world; I had an amazing time going out, exploring Padua, and travelling around Italy with fellow Erasmus students. If I could, I would do it again – and more than once!

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