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The differences between studying in Lincoln and India

Leaving India and coming to Lincoln was a big decision.

In India, I studied a forensic science bachelors degree, and there were not many opportunities related to this field there. As India is a developing country, which is growing at a tremendous pace, there are still some areas that are not well explored and Forensics is one of them. Due to this, I decided to come to the UK to continue my studies at the University of Lincoln; I am now studying MSc. Analytical Science.

After having studied here for more than 7 months now, I have noticed that there’s a real difference between studying in Lincoln, and the studying experience in India.

1. Different approaches to teaching

There is a big difference in the way of teaching. Here teaching is more interactive and it helps you to bond with the staff and your classmates. There are regular group discussions in seminars, which boost your confidence, and help you to give your opinion.

2. Difference in curriculum

Lincoln curriculum contains a higher percentage of practical teaching than the Indian curriculum. For example in my Bachelors degree, I learned about the instruments used to analyse evidence, as well as the do’s and don’ts of investigating a crime scene, and many other things. Although I read in great depth about all these things, I got very few opportunities to apply this knowledge practically. There were very limited analytical instruments, and I didn’t get the opportunity to work on them back then. In Lincoln I got the chance to work on these instruments with real samples and real data. Apart from that, my course also offers a module named professional and personal development; this boosts our skills and help us to grow personally and professionally.

3. Different classroom experience

In India, our classes used to have a minimum of 40 students per class. Here the class numbers are small, which makes the class more interactive. The classrooms have great infrastructure, with latest technological aids. The best part is, here they record the lectures and upload it onto Blackboard, where one can easily access it. Whenever I cannot attend my lectures, or I have to revise, I can use the recorded lectures to study.

4. The library

Here the library has a number of resources, and are more developed compared to India. These libraries have a great management system and they also loan laptops if you don’t own one. There are also printers, which provide accessible and easy printing services.

5. Extra-curricular activities are encouraged

I love studying science, but I also enjoy dancing and playing sports. In India there is not a large focus on these extra-curricular activities. Here, extra-curricular activities hold great importance, as it is believed that they provide us with skills, which have a positive effect on our personality. After beginning my studies here in Lincoln, I have been involved in many extra-curricular activities. I got an opportunity for perform a Bollywood group dance in Lincoln’s Diwali party. I also held a part-time job as a team member in a restaurant. And the list goes on.

My experiences in Lincoln have been positive, both in academia and in off-campus activities.

Written by Indian student, Smriti Rawat (MSc Analytical Sciences).

Please note: This content was created prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, and some information might differ due to current laws and restrictions. Please refer to Government advice and the University of Lincoln for the latest information.

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