Unique Student Recipes

Egg Tomato Toast

Bored of classic toasts? Wanna taste something new but with the same ingredients? Come along; take a look here at this recipe which will redefine the flavor and the taste of toast to a different level. This recipe is simple but lucrative, easy but delicious, and most importantly unique and a must to try!

When we make toast, we imagine it with butter or bacon or something similar. In this recipe, none of these are needed but eggs and tomatoes. Right! Now let’s dive into the kitchen floor.


At first, all we need is some tomatoes and a couple of eggs. Cut the tomatoes into ring shapes making sure that those pieces are not too thick. When all the tomatoes are cut, put aside the rings and shift on to the eggs.

Take a bowl and crack some eggs into that. Stir and mix well until it becomes a yellowish mixture with no visible distinction between the yellow and white part of the egg. Mix some pepper and salt according to your taste and preference.

Take some slices of white bread and stack them near the oven. We will need these while cooking.

Egg Tomato Toast

Fry it up!

All ready! Now, it’s time to put a frying pan in the oven with some vegetable oil in it. You can use butter (unsalted) instead of oil if you want. When the oil is hot enough put the egg-bread mixture into the pan slowly with about two or three slices (depending on the size of your pan). You have to be quick at this point as the egg starts to be cooked as soon as it’s in. You can turn the heat down a little to avoid burning the egg.

Garnish with Onions

The main step is done but still, an important step is yet to be made. Remember the tomato rings? Yes. After tossing the slices put the rings on each of the slices and press with a spatula a bit so that the tomato rings are embedded inside the pieces which will give an attractive texture at the end.

When all the pieces of bread are tomato-stuffed, toss those again and this time cook on a medium flame for a few minutes, taking care of the slices not being burned much. After that, take a knife and separate the slices from each other maintaining their original shape.

All set! Serve time…

Serve & Enjoy!!!

Roasted Cheesy Potatoes

This is a completely super-easy, down to earth cheesey recipe that can be cooked and served in less than an hour. All you need are potatoes, cheese and a baking oven to prepare the dish.


To start, you’ll need some sweet potatoes (~1kg), wash them thoroughly and cut them in to halves then put them in a boiling pot. As many of you already know if a potato is cut into smaller chunks it takes less time to soften. It will take around 10 mints for the potatoes to be a little soft (make sure not to over cook them).

Roasted Cheesy Potatoes


The next step is baking! Oil the surface of the baking tray and put the potatoes on it one by one. Be careful while placing those avoiding contact with each other. After placing them, put some oil on top of each potato and bake for 15 mins at 180°C with fan. When the potatoes are baked, they should appear golden. Hang on, we’re not done yet!


It is time for the cheese now. Take the tray out of the oven and sprinkle some cheddar on top of the potatoes. Place the tray back into the oven and bake it at 120°C for a few minutes until the cheese has melted.

Sauce Preparation

Let it cool for few minutes and in the mean time, let’s prepare the sauce for it. Take a bowl; mix red Leicester cheese with milk and cream. Microwave the mixture until it melts thoroughly. Stir it until it’s smooth.

Serve & Enjoy!

Serve the potatoes on a plate along with the sauce. You can garnish the potatoes with coriander but it totally depends on you. Enjoy your cheesy roasted potatoes with creamy sauce!