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Exercising in the outdoors

For students looking to work out, the city of Lincoln has its fair of gyms. But its green spaces are more plentiful than you might expect, and they might just offer a better different way to exercise.

Wellness is a word that we are all used to hearing, and exercise comes hand in hand with this concept. It’s an important thing to build into your schedule, as is taking the time to head outside and breath in some fresh air.

The benefits of choosing to exercise outside cannot be understated. As well as the fact that it offers a free opportunity to work out, it is also sometimes a way to challenge yourself. If you’re a runner, there’s no picking your terrain. If you’re a fan of yoga or simply enjoy walking, the benefits are as simple as being able to breathe in some fresh air.

If your exercise of choice involves weights or other equipment, heading outdoors might be a little tricky. But even if it is just for one day, changing your routine can give you a new challenge and the chance to test your abilities in an entirely different way.

Some parks are known to offer outside classes and workout groups, while others simply offer an interesting terrain. But how many places are there like this in Lincoln? Well, there are a number of excellent areas of greenery within walking distance of the university grounds.


Lincoln’s Arboretum is the closest to the centre of town, just up the hill and open throughout the day. It isn’t particularly big, but is a great place to go for a nice easy run without cars or busy streets. It is also one of the spaces offering the occasional outside exercise.

South Commons is a short walk down the high street from the city centre (approximately half an hour). It’s a big space, and a challenging run or hike given its hilly terrain. But at the very top, along the path, a rest spot has been cleared that allows you to look out over the whole of Lincoln. A fitting reward for the effort you have just put in.

A little further away, Boultham park is the most picturesque green space within walking distance of the University of Lincoln. It is a perfect area to walk around, getting some great exercise in and taking time away from university life for just a few minutes.

We all know exercising is about looking after your body, giving yourself time away from the stresses of studying and allowing yourself the chance to feel good. So why not give yourself the chance to see some pretty nice scenery, and breath in some clean air, while you are doing it?

Student Life has produced a host of stories on the benefits of running. If it’s something you’re interested in looking into, why not check out our latest article talking about how running can benefit your mental health.

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