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A day in the life of a PG Marketing student

As a post-grad student, I have to manage my time quite well to make sure I have enough of it to enjoy myself, as well as juggle the countless assignments and seminar preps that we have to do.

Fridays are always my busiest day so let’s take a look at what I get up to, and just how well I manage that time.


I wake up at 7am so I don’t have to rush around before my first lecture, I like to have breakfast and even fit in a cheeky half hour on TikTok! I leave for my lecture at 8:40am and then get stuck at the train tracks (this happens every week) before making it in on time.

At 9am my two-hour lecture on Global Relationship Marketing begins. During lectures, I like to have the slides on my laptop in front of me as I find it easier to make notes from. I write my notes in a little book, making sure I take down key theories and references, as I find these help me more when assignments roll around. The time usually flies by.


From 11am till 1pm I have a break. I like to book a little meeting room or use the PG lounge so that I can do some work in quiet, I like to use this time productively and either prepare for my next seminar or work on assignments. I also eat lunch at this time, but it varies weekly. Sometimes I’ll have brought lunch with me and others, I like to meet my friend in town on her lunch (which usually ends in me spending more money in Primark than I originally planned too!)


At 1pm I have a lecture/seminar on Destination Management and Marketing, which goes on for three hours… Despite its length, the module is on an interesting topic and I tend to find that time doesn’t drag – which is amazing for a Friday afternoon. During this time we have a small lecture, some reading and group discussions.

Just when I hope that the day is coming to an end, it’s not and at 4pm I have a committee meeting for the society I am a part of. During this time we plan for future sessions and discuss things we each need to do that week. This is scheduled till 6pm although, thankfully, it never lasts that long!


After what feels like a super long day, I finally get to go home. As it’s a Friday night I like to relax in the evening. I will shower and eat before putting my feet up and binging some Netflix (don’t lie, you do the same). On other days of the week, I might continue working later into the evening, but personally, I like treating every day as a full workday and then I get some ‘me time’ in the evening!

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