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A Place to Unite Fans!

The Fandom Society is a relatively new society, in which members of a plethora of Fandoms can come together and celebrate everything that is unique about being what some may consider as being a nerd!

Want to know more?!

Fans of Supernatural, Orphan Black, Supergirl or Torchwood, have all come together and joined this society, but why? I sat down with Millie, the president of the society,  and we discussed what it is about the society that draws many, near and far to become a part of one big community.

In this face to face interview, Millie and I discuss all things science fiction, and what the society is about.

Q:  So, thank you for coming to to this interview! So to start with I would consider this a warm up! The Fandom Society, what is it?

A: The Fandom Society meets once a week for two hours and it is a space for anybody who has any  form of interests in anything nerdy to be nerdy for two hours. We steer away from Harry Potter, anime and Disney because they have already got their own societies, but we do everything else from The Avengers to Doctor WhoThe Umbrella Academy and Supernatural.

Q: What made you want to set up this society?

A: I was the president of the Harry Potter society for a while and realised that the Harry Potter society was an outlet for a lot of people who had other Fandoms. They were also a part of other Fandoms to be nerdy and it wasn’t necessarily that they were there for Harry PotterI realised there was a market and I grabbed it. We then got members, so I was right!

Q: What do you believe is the societies aim?

A: Be nerdy, just be nerdy! No, it is more of an outlet for anyone has those kinds of interests because the nature of being a nerd is that you don’t want to talk about it a lot of the time, so we get quite a lot of people who are out and proud nerds, like myself who can bring along their friends who are of similar interests but may not have been brave enough to do it themselves.

Q: I’m aware that you do quiz nights sometimes, what other activities do you get up to?

A: The activity that we are doing depends on what Fandom we are doing, and so every week is a different Fandom. For instanceSupernatural week was a hunt-based activity wherein the members had to round up the demons and the creatures that had escaped, but then for instance Ru-Paul’s Drag Race which is this week’s (29th January 2020) social, we will be making dresses out of wrapping paper and then doing a lip-sync battle. We have a Hunger Games social coming up in a few weeks that is with the Assassins society and will be a week-long. We are still developing as a society and so it all depends – whatever our members want, is what we will do.

Q: How can potential members join?

A: For this semester it is £5 membership and for the entire year it will be £10. They can join by either coming along to a social and we can do it there and then, or they can go to the website and find it on there.


So, there you have it folks, what more could you want?!


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