minerva floor 3, whiteboards, computers etc.

Places to study in and around campus

The location of your studying really depends on what type of work you’re wanting to do and the conditions you like to study in – silent, quiet background noise, loud, artificial light, natural light, cosy chair, desk chair and so on. I’ve taken a walk around Lincoln, using my experiences from the past (almost) 3 years and the new places I’ve just discovered, to make you a list of a range of different places to study around our campus and further into the city.

1. The obvious choice- 3rd floor of the library

In my first year I never used the library, in second year I used it a little but on the lower floors. However, in third year, I use the third floor all the time now and not just when deadlines come around. I don’t really find it any good for general revision for exams personally but it’s great when you want to focus on a specific task like catching up on lectures and doing assignments.

If I’m doing something a little less mind-boggling then I’ll get a good playlist on for motivation which helps (just try not to dance because it’s not really that acceptable I’ve learnt) but it is also a nice place to sit in silence and work with the distant sound of typing keyboards and paper rustling. Top tip: get in early to secure a seat with a view, there’s many pretty ones to look at.

2. Coffee shops

This can be an expensive option and not something for everyday but I’ve dedicated one afternoon a week on Tuesdays to settle down in a little cosy coffee shop of my choice and do some relaxed work with a change of scenery. Cafe Nero at St Marks has lots of space and a really nice atmosphere to settle down and you don’t feel rushed to leave once you’ve finished your drink. Top tip: ask for your drink to be extra hot so it lasts longer.

3. Lincoln Central Library

So many students don’t know this exists but the central library is just off the high street and the place to go to borrow books of all types; it’s free to join and a great way to save money at university by buying books. Also, it has a silent-study area which I love going to around exam time when our uni library is getting full and I’m fed up of seeing the same things each day.

4. Minerva building

Another one people don’t often know about are the study spaces in Minerva building and I’m not talking about just sitting on the ground floor where people eat their lunch. On the second floor there are group booths with tables and a tv screen for doing group work and on the top floor there are also computers you can use- there isn’t many but there’s always some spare because most people will go to the library to use the computers. The view from here is also pretty awesome!

5. Outside

Lincoln doesn’t particularly have very good weather, in fact, I think we can all agree it’s pretty freezing most of the time but when summer exams come around and the rainclouds have gone on holiday then studying outside can be such a stress-free location.

The Arboretum is a grade II park with a very relaxing atmosphere located down Monks Road; West Parade down Carholme Road is another nice place to be (if you don’t like horses then maybe pick the Arboretum instead) and don’t forget inside the castle grounds is lovely too. Just grab a blanket or picnic mat and head out for a relaxing study session with a packed lunch and some sunshine (if you’re lucky).

Hopefully, something from this list suits your method of working and the atmosphere you like to be in; maybe you’ve discovered somewhere new to go too!

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