Managing time when there's none to spare

We all know one of the most difficult things about getting used to University is learning to manage your time well. Getting the right mixture of work and fun, and then there’s the added difficulty if you have a part-time job. It can be a tricky feat getting them all balanced in the right way, but it can be done.

First thing’s first, however unpleasant it may be, doing university work will be a massive part of your life. The trick is to not let it overwhelm you. That way, you will produce the best work you can and still enjoy yourself – there’s nothing worse than spending every day feeling like you’ve got a mountain of work and no way to overcome it.



So, give yourself the best chance, and to do this you need a plan – the earlier you can set one out the better. Make a list or timetable of when you have class, and try to schedule in a bit of time every day to do your work at home.

Obviously, some days will be busier than others, but sitting down and just doing an hour or two hours a day can really make a difference when it comes to workload. Before you know it, you will have finished all those seminar notes and reading tasks and will have time to properly relax.

Once your studying timetable is down, finding time to get a part-time job will have become ten times easier. The best way of making sure you don’t overwork yourself in this area? Set out your availability on your CV, and find a workplace with a flexible schedule.

Companies will understand that applicants will have other responsibilities, and will appreciate the foresight in giving them exact times you will be available to work for them.

Remember, just because one place can’t take you on with the hours you have given them, it doesn’t mean the next place won’t be looking for someone just like you.

Now you’ve got your study times written in and your work times checked off, make sure to take a break for yourself! University life is about meeting new people and having some great experiences, so if sport is your thing take yourself off to a team (there are loads to choose from).

If you love TV or Video Games or even Harry Potter, there’s a society for all of them. Even if you’re adamant you don’t want to join a club with the Uni, spending some time watching a movie or socialising with your mates is important to take your mind off the stresses of Uni life and make sure you don’t work yourself too hard.

Take advantage of the facilities around you (and yes, that means your tutors too if academic stress is getting too much for you) and have a good time. It may seem silly scheduling in time to relax, but those who get the most out of University generally have the most organised calendars.

This article is featured on Learning at Lincoln.

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