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What To Do With Your Flat For Halloween

The time of year has rolled around where Halloween is approaching is fast approaching.

The time of year has rolled around where Halloween is approaching is fast approaching, so now is the perfect time to decorate your accommodation accordingly. Here I’m going to go into a few fun decoration options you can use for your student digs to really bring in the spooky vibes, and have fun with your flatmates whilst doing so!


Pumpkins in a field.

Pumpkins are an absolute classic of the Halloween season, whether you carve fresh ones yourself or browse around for ornamental versions, they make a great decorative centrepiece. Whether they’re set up on your dinner table or window sills they’re a great feature to have, and if you decide to carve real pumpkins you can make it a fun, social thing to do with your flatmates! You can embellish them with candles inside (or LED lights if candles aren’t an option) to really bring the spooky ambience!

LED Lighting

Strings of LED Lights

LED lighting in general is one of the best ways to spruce up your space, and string lights aren’t just good for Christmas trees! Whether you go for wall powered or battery powered, string lights are a great way to bring an autumnal ambience to any room, especially if they’re of a yellowish/orangey hue. They work well draped over curtain rails, bookcases, or held up by wall and ceiling hooks – I’d also recommend having them around your living room if you’re planning to have a horror movie night, it’ll make the atmosphere even better!

Window Decorations

Three pumpkins in front of a window

If you’re looking for something simpler, then window stickers can be fun from the inside and outside! Some fun options could be blood splatter, ghosts, spider webbing, or even fun ectoplasm. These are easy decorations for sticking on windows to give your place some added spooky flare, and they have the added convenience of not leaving marks, often being reusable, and being readily available in most supermarket Halloween sections as well as online!

Silly String Webs

Lights on a wooden frame

Another decoration, which arguably is one of the most fun, is using silly string to create spider web decorations in your digs! Though this will likely be a far more haphazard and messy mode of decorating, it offers another opportunity for you and your flatmates to have some fun whilst giving your place all the spooky vibes – furthermore, silly string webs can be a great addition to any Halloween costume you might be planning for a spooky night out!

In addition to all these, you can be sure that all your local supermarkets from Morrisons and Sainsbury’s to M&S and Tesco will have their own dedicated Halloween sections with plenty of custom decorations you can browse through, but you can also take a browse at online retailers like Amazon, Etsy, or stores on Instagram and TikTok where there are plenty of independent stores with their own ranges of spooky stock! Wherever you choose to shop, making time to decorate your space for the season can be such an uplifting thing to do, and if you take any photos then do tag us on social media @uolstudentlife so we can see! Happy Halloween!

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