What to do in your first week at university

Your first week at university can be intense, filled with emotions ranging from excitement to worry and homesickness. However, the…

Your first week at university can be intense, filled with emotions ranging from excitement to worry and homesickness. However, the initial week, known as both “Welcome Week” and “Freshers Week,” is packed with events, ranging from social daytime activities to fantastic club nights; there’s something for everyone! These events provide an excellent opportunity not only to get to know your new flatmates but also to explore the campus, its facilities, and the city itself.

This article aims to help you make the most of your first week, start university on a positive note, and utilize your free time before lectures begin!

Freshers Fayre

If you enjoy getting freebies, make sure to attend the Freshers Fayre! This is also a great way to get to know your flatmates better while exploring the university campus. The Freshers Fayre is taking place on Monday, September 18th, in the Engine Shed and is the perfect way to kick off your first week. At this event, you can meet both national and local businesses, securing fantastic discounts and freebies that can be helpful throughout Freshers! Keep in mind that there’s often a long queue, so arriving early is advisable if you prefer not to wait.

Societies Fayre

Similarly, consider looking into the various societies and attending the Society Fair. Societies are similar to clubs and can be related to your course, sports, or hobbies. You can peruse the list of this year’s societies on the student union website to see which ones interest you, or attend the Society Fair and chat with someone who is already a member. Societies can be the perfect way to meet new people with similar interests and provide you with plans to look forward to beyond the first week. For example, societies often host taster events in the first few weeks, allowing you to get an idea of what they offer before you decide to join. This can also help you combat loneliness or homesickness by giving you a sense of belonging.

Fresher Events

There are numerous other fantastic events being organized by the university, catering to everyone’s interests. Take a look at their website (linked here: https://lincolnsu.com/freshers), where you can find a timetable of events. You could discuss with your flatmates which ones to attend together on the first night and plan your week accordingly. You can also check if your course has any meet-up events at these gatherings. Attending as many events as possible is a good idea as it will provide you with more opportunities to meet people, become familiar with your new home, and hopefully make the rest of university life seem less daunting.

Grocery Shopping

Another great activity is going grocery shopping. Doing this with your housemates is a perfect way to get to know each other and take a stroll through the city. Even if you’ve already done a grocery run before you arrived, it can be a valuable bonding experience that makes everyone more comfortable. It also opens up opportunities for making plans, especially if you explore new places in the city while shopping.

Budget, budget, budget

Finally, although it might not be particularly enjoyable, try to establish a budget during the first week. Consider setting it a bit higher than your usual budget, as you may be going out more frequently than usual. Keep track of your spending throughout the week to ensure you stay on top of your finances. Being mindful of your expenditures is important to avoid financial struggles later on!

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