What to expect in your first week at uni

Moving to university is a time of change, it’s daunting, but also exciting. You’ve got you’re A-Level results, confirmed your…

Moving to university is a time of change, it’s daunting, but also exciting.

You’ve got you’re A-Level results, confirmed your place at university and packed your bags ready to go. Now, what should you expect in your first week?

Settling in

Firsts things first, you need to start settling in. Moving to university can be difficult, but there is plenty of help available at the University of Lincoln. ResLife holds events for students to socialise with each other and Accommodation Services are always on hand to help with any issues with your accommodation (if you live in one that is provided by the university).

Over time you’ll get used to the changes that university life brings and settle into life away from home.

Meeting new people

Meeting new people is key to settling in at university. It’s a chance to branch out and make new friends.

This might be your flat mates, course mates or other students you meet at Freshers or welcome events. Getting to know your flat mates is important and will help you settle into at Lincoln (it’s also lots of fun).

You might even find that your flat mates become really good friend.

Busy, busy, busy

The main thing to expect in your first week at the University is that you will be BUSY. At university, the first week after summer is packed full of events for everyone, but especially for freshers.

Of course, there is the well-known Freshers Week. New students get the chance to meet and get to know each other in a range of events, like club nights, Bongo’s Bingo, fayres and social meet-ups.

The Freshers Fayre is a must! Not only because you’ll pick up enough pens to last your entire degree, but you’ll find out about lots of the opportunities you can take up in your first year at university, from societies to work experience.

Welcome Week is also worth your time, it’s an introduction to your course where you will meet lecturers and course mates. There are lots of social events you can go to as well, and I’d recommend going along to as much as you can.

Finding your way around campus

As well as Freshers and Welcome Week activities, you’ll want to find your way around campus in the first week. It’s worthwhile getting your bearing on where all the different buildings are, because this is where you’ll be having lectures, seminars and workshop.

You’ll be given a map during Welcome Week that you can pin up in your room. The campus has lots of signs and maps dotted around to make sure you don’t get lost. It only takes a few weeks, and you’ll know the campus like the back of your hand.

Exploring the city

Then, after you’ve got to know the campus, it’s time to get to know the city of Lincoln. You’ll be living there for the next few years after all. There’s lots to see, from the famous Cathedral to the Brayford Pool pubs and restaurants.

Just a few minutes from campus, the High Street is a great place to do your shopping. There’s a Morrisons a couple minutes from St. Marks accommodation too, so you’ll have everything nearby.

So, with these few tips you’ll have a smooth transition into university life at Lincoln. It’s a very exciting time and one that’s worth living to the full.

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