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How to Make the Most of your Summer at Home

University summers are so precious. You don’t get many of them in your lifetime, and you may never again have…

University summers are so precious. You don’t get many of them in your lifetime, and you may never again have this opportunity to spend several months at home. One day you will look back in envy at the time you have off. So, ensure you make the most of it now while you can. You don’t need to go away on holiday to enjoy your summer, there are so many ways you can enjoy your summer at home. Below are a few ideas to help you make the most of it!


Most importantly this is a time to relax, unwind, and recharge from the busy year you’ve had. Maybe you have some work to do over the summer, but don’t overdo it!

Relaxing can be just as important as working. You want to go back in September feeling fresh and ready to start again. Take it easy and prioritise activities you enjoy, that perhaps you ran out of time to do during university, such as reading, exercising, watching films, going on walks etc. Prioritise yourself!


Why not relax this summer by getting into yoga, to help reduce any stress or tension you may have. It is important to look after yourself this summer!

Family & friends

This is the perfect time to go back home and spend time with family and friends who you may have not seen in a while. Perhaps make dinner for them, or settle down a watch a movie together, ensuring you spend quality time with the ones you love.


Although it may be tempting to slump, it is still important to keep somewhat of a routine. For example, ensuring you are getting a good amount of sleep, exercising, eating healthily, and socialising – it all contributes to your well-being.


This time off is a good opportunity to get back into your hobbies, whether this is dancing, baking, reading, playing a sport, painting, gardening etc. Get back into what you love.


Perhaps you can use this time to earn some money. Many restaurants and pubs look for students in the summer months when they are at their busiest. It is a perfect time to gain some more independence and perhaps set yourself up for the next term.


Why not go on a picnic this summer with family or friends, it’s a cheap way to get together and relax in the countryside.


This a wholesome, but cheap holiday you can do this summer with your friends or family. Perhaps plan to watch the sunrise, get cosy by a campfire, star gaze, or explore somewhere new. If you’re feeling less adventurous, this could even be in your back garden!

Overall, you can most definitely still have an amazing summer at home. Hope these ideas can help you too to enjoy your summer!

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